Sunday, July 26, 2009

Daily Decibels

For those of you that arent filmilar with the word Decibel. Here is some information that I hope could be helpful.

A Decibel (dB) is a unit of measurement used to quantify sound levels relative to some zero decibel reference. The level is based on the threshold of perception of an average human. The Decibel level of sounds is measured using a Logarithmic scale.
When sound gets high as 125 db or more this could damage your hearing.

Here are ways to protect your hearing by using:
- Ear plugs ( you can find them in cvs, foodstores, pharmacies).
- Head Phones ( sporting good stores, pharmacies).
- Walking away from the sounds if possible.

Here are just a few that I know that can cause damage to your hearing!!!

-0 = Threshold of normal hearing

-30= Whispered Voice

-40= Humming

-60= Normal Conversation

-85= Heavy City Traffic
Vaccum Cleaner
Electric Shaver
Hair Dryer
Alarm Clock

-90= Busy Street
Noisy Office

-95= Motorcycle

-100= Lawn Mower

-105= Ipods blasting at Maxaium Level

-110= Concerts to see your favorite band playing

-150= Fireworks** Can really damage your hearing especially if you start them and stay right where it is going off.


Sunday, July 19, 2009


On Tuesday July 15th, 2009. I went to the Audiologist because I had an appointment for a demo to try on different hearing aids. It ended up being very successful. I can hear some noises with the Oticon Connectline BTE ( Behind the Ear aids). The greatest thing was I heard the MUSIC out in the hall. I was looking everywhere because I didnt know where sound was coming from. I also heard this really loud shhhh noise. It happened to be my audiologist Computer! Isnt this great. I am profoundly deaf and I can use these OTICON hearing aids to get by. It will be alot of practice. I heard the F sound but I couldnt make out the words while she was covering her mouth. I am so happy that I have a chance to hear again. These hearing aids arent cheap. They are really really up there but if it takes to hear again. Ill do whatever I can. I had to order these special ear molds because the inside of my ear is red. They are red because I USE Q-TIPS. My last audiologist told me I COULD USE THEM!!! Can you believe? So thankfully, I got a 2nd opinon and this dr said NO Q-TIPS ARE BAD. I have to use MINERAL OIL to stop the itch. My ears are always itchy and the reason for this is because I was hurting my ears with the q-tips. Basically you take a tab of MINERAL OIL onto your pinky finger and just touch the outer part of the ear. THAT IS ALL**. So far so good it has helped.

Anyways, I have 2 free weeks to TRY THE OTICION CONNECTLINE hearing aids. It comes with alot of cool stuff. Theres so much to list so instead of listing this I am going to give you the exact website to show you what I will be getting. I am recieving the aids in 2 weeks. I try them for 2 weeks to see how they feel on me and if i like them and if they dont make me sick ( nacious, headaches), then I will buy them.

Theres this device where I wear around my neck that lowers to volume of the aids. There is an IPOD device for music. There is also a TV**** button. There is also a cellphone bluetoot button. While I had both aids in I was able to understand most of what the demo guy was playing on YOUTUBE. It was a commerical. I was able to get bites and pieces without looking at the screen. It was amazing.

These aids are basically for people who have profound loss. The gentlemen who works for OTICON was AMAZED* of the outcome. He wasnt expecting me to be completely deaf and having these aids in I was able to hear some noises.

I have to go back to speech therapy since I am not doing well with lip reading. I have all my life, and i dont know why I am losing it now. My audiologist did bang bang bang on the door and I thought she only knocked once. Thats okay she saids I just need a little bit of practice to get back to where I was.

Check out the hearing aids im getting. Here is a picture of what they look like as well as the link to the Oticon website. clicking here

The hearing aids are on the Left Side and the Kit is on the right.You dont have to purchase the entire set. You can purchase just the aids if you prefer. In my situation, I benefit from the Connectline device really well. That is why im buying the entire kit. I am getting the aids in Light Blue color.

I am going for my ABR test hopefully in the next 2 weeks. For some reason the hospital I wanted to get it done by is giving me a hard time and doesnt think my NEW audiogram by my NEW AUDIOLOGIST is correct because they said " MY SPEECH IS VERY GOOD". Which has nothing to do with it!!!!!!!!!! grrr.. So thankfully my audiologist is so kind and she is going to find me someplace else.



Thursday, July 2, 2009

Today's Appointment to the Audiologist.

Today I went to a new Audiologist. Dr. Sharon gave me a hearing test. Results where that I am " Profoundly Deaf" in BOTH of my ears. I was very upset because I guess I cant face the truth right now. She then explained my audiogram from before. She said I had a moderate-severe hearing loss and that my entire life it has been stable up until now. I went into the office with a "list" of questions which I have never done before. I am so glad I did this time. She answered all my questions. The first question was, " Before when I was able to hear, how come I couldnt make out what they where saying". Her answer was- " You cant hear speech part because your brain doesnt grasp the voice". I was always wondering why I was having trouble in the past. Now I know. She then gave me a Tympanogram to see if there was any fluid in my ears. They were CLEAR. I have also told her I have really bad Tinnitus. She knew this because I saw her way back in 2006. She told me to STAY AWAY FROM CAFFEINE** AND CHOCOLATE** for 1 week and see how I do after that. I told her the Tinnitus is so bad now that I cant hear at all. It is always there, it never goes away. So as of today is my first day without SODA although she said I can have CAFFEINE FREE WOOHOO!

She wants me to go for an ABR- Auditory Brainstem Response test and this test basically shows if you " HEAR ANYTHING". I have never done an ABR test before so this will be my first time. If it DOES show that I have some hearing left although my Audiogram saids Im profound, that means I have "Auditory Neuropathy"- which is a conditon that made me profound which can be caused by my type of hearing loss- Sensorinerual or can be caused be an illness. Unfortunality the only "Cure" she saids would be a COCHLEAR IMPLANT. I cannot get that opportunity because of my seziures. No-one she saids will put me under with the severe condition I have. It is common sense. I do want to be able to hear again but I deafinitely dont want to be under a knife right now because of everything I been through. Dr Sharon wants me to go back to SPEECH THERAPY. I havent been in speech therapy in years and sadly, I dont even remember. I know I had it done everyday while I was growing up. For some reason I cant remember my childhood. Anyways, I am going to go b ack to speech therapy once I get her letter next week reffering me to go back. Thank goodness I know someone at LIJ who can help me.

We then went into her OFFICE where we sat and talked. She pulled out all the HEARING AIDS and told me to put on the OTICON VIGO PRO which is a very very powerful aid. Guess what? The good news is I heard the COMPUTER BUZZING, I heard MUSIC! She said this AID you will be able to her MUSIC. I asked her " how come I can hear the music and not people". She said this is common and how I only hear 5 decibles meaning when you say for example the word: FOOT I hear FOO. So I put two and two together and to make the FOOT word. Well the aid was very STRONG. I ended up with a very bad headache. I felt nacious too. She said it is normal because I am NOT used to the SOUNDS. I couldnt really make out anything she was saying. Thankfully she knows how to SIGN. Dr Sharon wants me to come to Open House demo where I can try on this hearing aid for 2 weeks for FREE. I am going to be doing that before I purchase this extremely expensive Aid. She wants to make sure this is comfortable for me. When I had the aid in it was alot for me it was way to much SOUND. I couldnt take it actually. My face started to turn red. So she told me to take one out. So if this is the case and I am comfortable with this aid for the 2 weeks then I will just buy 1 for now.

Like I said before I got very nacious and the sound was just way to much she said she kept lowing it and it was on 1 in seconds. I still was having alot of trouble. I forgot to tell her I have really bad Recruitment I always had this in the pass. I must tell her when she calls me about this. Maybe that is why I felt nacious. I couldnt take the Loud Sounds.

This was my day and I am beat. Today was alot of lipreading involved and so much INFORMATION in just 2 hours. Yes 2 FULL hours at the Audiologist office.
What a long day. I am glad I went though.