Sunday, October 31, 2010

I am featured on another Blog

Thank you so much Joey for putting my article on your blog!

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Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

What A Day...

I havent been around so much has been going on. Today I was woken up and heard some terrible news. My Aunt passed away this morning. Lately, between my health issues and now this I just dont get why life has to be so unfair you know. Its so scary because in seconds your life can change forever. Aunt Pat We Love You and miss you terribly.

Anyways- Recently, I was in the hospital for more testing for 4 days. It was very difficult to communicate with the nurses. I am sure the dr saw my frustration because I was on camera 24/7. I specifically told every nurse I AM DEAF. I cant hear even with my hearing aid. I put up a sign that saids I AM DEAF I lip read and sign etc. It was on the DOOR mom put it up for me so It was there and never taken off. Everytime someone came in there was a problem. I couldn't communicate at all. It was frustrating for me and it gets to the point were I get aggravated because its not the 1st time at this same hospital. Yes its a different department but still COMON! Get it right already. You know the dry erase board I even put another sign there. Still nothing. I seriouslly think they are in there own worlds... its sad. I dont know what else to do about it I spoke up I said I was deaf. They still talk to me through curtains. I even bought my own dry erase board with me which I didn't even use. The signs I printed out I got free from the computer did NOTHING for me ZERO. So now this time Im going to take the time to make my own its going to be on RED PAPER and big letters. First of all if you get admitted to hospital you get a book and " your rights" the very first page is states information if you are deaf or hard of hearing. For now on I am just going to request interpreters. What really pissed me off was the very last day it was during the day no one was with me yet and the nurse comes in and saids " YOUR DEAF?" I go yes I am " but you talk so well". I go I know I had alot of speech my entire life and I just recently lost all my hearing. I didn't know you were deaf how long ago did you put up this sign no one told me you were deaf? I said its been there since the moment I was admitted and its on the DOOR NEAR THE DOOR KNOB to walk in. " Oh I didn't see it". Seriously I been learning to be my own ADVOCATE and it still doesn't work. I also forgot that I was on the monitor so it was 24/7 video. Im sure my dr saw How frustrating it was for me. He knew I was deaf he communicated with me fine. So I moved on its over with hopefully I dont have to go back to the hospital for a very long time.

On the other hand, I found out Marlee Matlin my Idol who happens to be a deaf actress is going to be on Extreme Makeover on Sunday tune in if you live in NY its on ABC. Check out the video here

Hope you all have a good night!