Thursday, July 29, 2010


July 7th I had to go back into the city for more testing to see if I qualify for a CI for my right ear. Everything went well. I am having alot of trouble with my left ear hearing words like ex: say the word BAT I said Cat It frustrates me but it has always been this way. The audiologist told me mostly I am a candidate but the surgeon and the audiologist have to meet up with a team to discuss if I am or not. They will get back to me in a week she saids via email.

The day before I went into the city a few of my family members are telling me " ONCE U GET IT ARENT YOU GOING TO TALK DIFFERENT LIKE YOUR FRIENDS". I explained to them NO.I WILL NOT. It DOES NOT CHANGE THE WAY YOU TALK**. I also explained that I have heard before. I explained that for people that have NEVER HEARD BEFORE are learning to HEAR AND SPEAK the correct words for the 1st time. In this case that is not me. However I explained I want to be able to hear just like everyone ELSE. I want to be included and this will take A HELL of alot of pressure off me if I dont have to LIP READ EVERY SECOND of my life. No one wants me to get it done bc of my health condition and I get it but I want to hear. So they have to accept it and move on. The best thing is just because I have a minor health condition doesnt mean anything the only time they dont do surgery is when you have a CARDIAC problem. Thankgoodness!

On July 17,2010, I recieved an email from the hospital stating that I have to go back and speak with a Social Worker and then speak with the Audiologist. I already explained to them that I have Menieres. I also explained to them that The Dr's are aware that I have the top of the line hearing aids I just recieved few months ago. The R aid doesnt benefit me that is why I was thinking about a CI in the first place. For those of you that dont know.

A few weeks ago on the weekend I went upstate to my brothers father's house. They put in a brand new built in pool for the 1st time. It was fun being upstate but when everyone was in the pool, I just couldnt hear a thing. Its not an easy thing to deal with & for some reason its getting harder and harder for me. Of course no one knows how frustrated I am because I just hide it even if I showed it they still wont understand.
It would be nice if I am a candidate so I can be able to hear in the pool just like everyone else if I get the Cochlear America- Nucleus 5.

On September 2nd I will be going back into the CITY for 2 appointments to speak with a social worker and then my audiologist. I was orginally suppose to go on
Sep 9th but they moved it up because the dr wont be around. Wohoo!

Keep those fingers Crossed please!!!

Now back to business- I am sorry I havent been around. I have been very involved with my local HLAA chapter. I am the newsletter editor and its not an easy task. However I dont mind volunteering my time and helping those who are new to hearing loss. I have been recieving a ton of emails from all of you readers. Thank you so much for the kind words and I AM very happy that my blog has helped you with your hearing loss. My beautiful niece is 9 months old already shes getting heavier and she is crawling like crazy. She also stands up by herself. She is simply precious. I enjoy hearing her babble but I cannot wait for the day she starts talking. I have taught her a few signs she has been signing " Daddy" for about 1 month now. It started when I fed her lunch all the sudden I saw her signing. Boy was I thrilled!!!!! I am now in the process of teaching her Mama ( still) altho she does scream her name, MILK, MORE, ALL DONE.

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer before you know it will be over! Time goes tooo fast.

I will be back Sept 2nd!!!