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Hi, my name is Danielle. I have been hard of hearing since birth. I am the only person in my family with a hearing loss. My mom recalls the doctor's telling her my hearing loss was genetic. I have Bilateral Sensorineural Hearing Loss. Bilateral means both ears. I have struggled most of my life in special ed classes and Boces as well using an FM system and different hearing aids.

Two years ago, my life changed forever... I woke up from a nap and I couldn't hear anything in my right ear. At the time I thought I had a hearing infection or the medications I was on when I was sick. A month goes by and I still had no hearing in my right ear. This changed my life forever. I went to a new ENT and he told me I have a profound hearing loss in my right ear. I was devastated. A few weeks later  I met a woman who told me about "Cochlear Implants." I never knew about Cochlear Implants until the day I met her at the Walk4Hearing.

Welcome to my Journey.....this is my personal journey about my hearing loss and new life with a Cochlear Implant.

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John O'Connor said...


I stumbled across your blog and noticed the great content you write about. Over the last few months I've been researching and writing about (children/family health, hearing loss, aging, etc) and decided to begin blogging about it. I am very passionate about these issues, and since this past May was National Better Hearing and Speech Month, I feel that it is important to continue to spread awareness. I'm wondering if you ever accept guest posts on those topics? If so, I would be happy to send you an article to review. Please let me know what you think, thanks!


Danielle said...

Hi John! Thanks for reading my blog. I would love to see the article. Please email me at deafinitelyasl11@ymail.com

Hope to hear from you soon.