Thursday, January 20, 2011

13 more days till Surgery

Only 13 more days till Surgery. Dr filled out a medical clearence form and blood work is normal. THANKGOD! Everything is all set to go. I wanted to thank you all again for your amazing support and for the emails. I cannot believe its 13 days away. I am scared but yet very excited to hear things I never heard before. My Right ear has always been the bad ear.... I am very positive and It will go fine I know it will. For the first time in my life I wont have to struggle and I think this is a hudge step in my life. I have been through hell the past 3 years and then loosing my hearing in between the illness. I am much better thankgod and I think that once I have the CI my stress level will be less. All my life I got by barely trying to communicate with people so I been wondering what its like to actually hear WORDS & sounds that I never heard in my life. You just go on with life you know and I didnt realize my hearing was that bad until it hit rock bottom for me about one year ago. I am excited for this new journey.

I have been reading this amazing book called " Sound's From Silence" by - Graeme Clark. Thanks to Graeme Clark who invented cochlear implants. He seriouslly has changed so many lives and soon hes about to change my life and I cannot thank him enough. You have given me a great gift.. You have to pick up this book.

I also wanted to thank my new friends on Cochlear Community. You all are amazing and thank you so much for answering my questions when I was confused and for supporting me and always checking in. You all are fantastic! I cannot wait to share my hearing journey with you.

Have a wonderful Night!!!

I will be back the night before Surgery...


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Meeting My Surgeon for the First Time & Cochlear Implant Surgery Date :)

Yesterday was a very overwhelming day for me. I had my first appointment with my Cochlear Implant Surgeon for the first time. Plus Mom and I went into the city alone for the first time. I met my surgeon he was really nice and I understood most of what he said to me by reading his lips. He was always looking at me which was nice because my regular ENT doesnt do that. He asked me " how long have you had a hearing loss". I said since the age of 2. He told me I speak very well which is true and granted thankfully I do speak fine just like a hearing person because I was in speech therapy and boces my entire life. So I explained the situation etc. He asked me what implant I wanted and I told him the Nucleus 5 :). He explained to me RISK of the surgery like Mennigitis or infection etc. He also explained how he was going to do the surgery. He said he is cutting the back of my ear and the scar will be covered it will be a small scar. He has to shave a little drop of my hair becuase my curly hair is so THICK. :( but it will grow back I knew that and he told me that. so its not that serious. He explained that I can take my medicine because the headaches are rediclous and I cant live without that pill. So he said a sip day of surgery thankgoodness.

I learned so much in less than a year. I am so scared and VERY EXCITED for the first time in my life really I will be able to hear. He told me because I speak and because I have Auditory memory I will do very well. Yes I heard before but there are things I never heard before in my life like my VOICE ( NO I CANT HEAR MY VOICE I FEEL IT... that is why I talk LOUD) :) , WATER, THE BEACH ETC. THE list can go on and on...

I am looking forward to this new journey and I wanted to thank you all for being so supportive and for all the wonderful emails that I have recieved....

Ready for the GREAT NEWS??? My Surgery date is Feb 2, 2011 I dont know the time just yet will know this week. I cant believe its so soon! My nerves are jumping!!!!!


The night before surgery I will blog briefly and once I am activated I will be writing almost daily on my blog.

Stay tuned for more good news soon but you wont know until AFTER ACTIVATION which is 4 weeks after my surgery... :)

Before you know it this day will be here. I am so excited. I cant wait to hear my niece for the first time thats one of the things on the top of my HEARING WISH LIST.

Have a wonderful Day!


Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year & Some Great News!

Happy New Year Everyone! Sorry I haven't been blogging much. I have been pretty busy. I have some great news! As you all know I am a candidate for the Cochlear Implant on January 4, 2011 I went into the city for my CI Demo. I left completely happy and I love my new audiologist ( she signs to) yay! She explained everything to me and answered every one of my questions and I wasn't confused at all. I will be using her once I get my cochlear Implant. So I went home I decided finally who I want my surgeon to be because I had a choose of 3 doctors. I picked the one I met previously at a recent HLAA meeting and I researched. On January 11th, 2011 I will be meeting with my Surgeon for the first time. I choose Nucleus 5 and the color will be brown that matches my hair perfectly. I cannot believe all of this is happening so fast! I am scared and excited at the same time. I am CONFIDENT that everything will go fine! I cannot wait to hear my niece especially since she is starting to talk. Its going to be an amazing Journey and I promise I will definitely fill you all in with details after I meet with my surgeon next week. I hope you all are having a wonderful new year!

Have a good night!