Friday, September 30, 2011

All I needed was a mapping...:)

The past three months has been a roller coaster. The simple problem was " I JUST NEEDED A MAPPING." What a big relief. Now I know. My audiologist said instead of 6 months to come in every 3 months. This was happening in the beginning but because she said I was doing well she didn't think I would need a mapping. So I now know when I need a mapping. This program seems to be better. Im confortable with it. I can turn down the volume if I need to. Sorry for rambling on last night I was just panicking.  My audiologist checked my implant with a series of beeps. Everything was fine. The echo came back on when she changed the mapping. She kept adjusting it and then finally the echo went away. 

I get it sometimes with technology things dont work or it just needs to be replaced. So now I know I have to go every 3 months. I havent had a mapping since June. 

Thanks for thinking of me! :)

Hope all is well


Thursday, September 29, 2011


It all started I think two months ago. The implant is static and muffed. Its so bad that its shutting off by itself now. NO its not the batteries. This is my 3rd processor and I only have been activated for  7months.

This is the same problem I have had with all my implants. This started up again three weeks ago with my new processor. Static is there when I turn it on and then it gotten so bad that It shuts off. I dont get it. Im in class happened 2 weeks ago... heard the noise it happened the moment class started. I panicked thank god I have an interpreter. I changed batteries about 5 x.  NO LUCK. STATIC/MUFFLED all day. Then 3pm comes and its okay for my second class. All sudden 20 minutes into class it shuts off AGAIN. I knew it wasn't the batteries. Then I looked at my remote and it said COIL OFF. Im like no its not its on MY HEAD! Bugging out I finally called cochlear had to leave class to do this. They probably think im crazy! I explained my situation and almost started to cry. I need to hear for school. So he said go for a mapping and make sure they do an integrity test? Never heard of that before. So I emailed my audiologist and she said start making a log of when this happens etc. I have been dong that for the past two weeks. At this point is happening so much that I cant even wear it. Its not only happening in school its happening when im home. I am just a bit worried because of the RECALL.

Right now the implant is on and is muffled and static and i hear myself echoing a little. So then I turn it off ( i tried this yesterday). I turn it off for about 10 minutes. Then I turned it back on its good to go back to NORMAL for about 5 minutes THEN it comes back. Now listening to music is fine I dont need the music program and yesterday as im on my way home from class the static happening while my ipod was playing.So now I cant even enjoy music at the moment.  I just dont get it.

Im sorry im rambling on im just very nervous because I need to hear. I dont get why this is happening. I get that things happen and this is what happens with technology but enough is enough.

My audiologist told me to come in first thing in the morning so this is my only chance!!!!!!! It better work. Im hoping it just a MAPPING! I have a test on monday. I havent had a mapping for about 5 months now.

 By the way with the disposables and Rechargeable no difference same problem. Using my backup same problem. The entire processor goes into the DRY and STORE every night. Also changed the microphone protectors about six times. YES 6 TIMES!  So I dont know what it could be....

I have a question...  someone said " I know when I need a mapping." How do you know when you need a mapping???


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

College with a Cochlear Implant

Sorry I havent been around. So busy with college. It's been a great experience so far hearing in a classroom setting for the first time with 30 or more students. Its awesome. I have no words.  Even when I was hard of hearing I never heard a thing in a class. EVER. I hear most of what the professors say but I still have the ASL interpreter as a back up. There are times I miss what the professor is saying when he/she is writing on the board or walking around the room. Its great to be able to hear. I noticed I am more outgoing. I have been speaking so much in class! Never in my life have I done that haha. I would just start talking in class an answer questions. One time I ever volunteered to write the answer on the board. Its a whole new me. Hearing with my Cochlear Implant has been the greatest gift ever. I am happy. Im outgoing. Im not really shy anymore. There are times I still have a problem. For example: at the food store, or post office. I am doing great though! 

On the other hand.. I found out about the Recall for my N5. I am a bit worried but need to remain calm of course. Luckily it has been working great!! and that scratchy sound was taken care of. It does come and go. Like today in class just watching the interpreter sign and all sudden It was SILENCE. I started shaking because I have to hear! I switched the batteries and even the disposable. Then sounds came back on again and starting to go on and off throughout the day. Which was new. So I called Cochlear and they advise me go for a mapping. I havent had a mapping in 5 months because I am doing well and because I am comfortable on my everyday program. My audiologist dont expect to see me till November but now after hearing what cochlear has to say and friends I think I will have to go back into the city for a mapping. They said It could be something changed? So I dont know.

Yesterday i went into the city to see my audiologist because i couldn't get the ear mold onto the processor because I had the wrong ear hooks. She changed it to a small and stretched the ear mold. The ear mold is comfortable but today it started getting annoying and itchy throughout the day. Im trying my best to ignore it since its only day 1 with the ear mold on. The ear mold holds my implant and the implant no longer falls off.PHEW. It has been a nightmare due to having tiny ears the implant falls off 24/7 constantly to the point where I couldn't catch the implant a few times. I  have a hypoallergenic ear mold because I am allergic to ear molds. My ear turns so red and gets swollen. 

This weekend Im excited going to a Deaf event so many people are expected to be there its in Queens about 30 minutes from me. I am looking forward to this event.

The month of October is going to be so BUSY. Between my first test at school then a walk for my best friend, then I have Mill Neck deaf school that I volunteer at every year which I enjoy. I am so excited cant wait. Then Im off to disney world AGAIN! For my niece 2nd birthday for 3 days.

Im telling you time is flying like crazy! I cant keep up or live without a calendar! Hope you are all doing well.

Tomorrow I am hosting the first Coffee Chat for people with Cochlear Implant's in my area. I am excited to meet new people who have implants and people that are interested in getting a CI. I will be back tomorrow to tell you all about it.

have a great night!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Chris & Peter Artinan from the HLAA Convention

I had the pleasure meeting Chris and Peter Artinan at the 2011 HLAA Convention.

For those of you that dont know Chris Artinian, he is the president and CEO of Morton's Restaurant Group, delivers an emotional and powerful keynote speech at the Hearing Loss Association of America's Convention 2011 on June 16 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City (VA). The Artinian family was the subject of the documentary Sound and Fury about the their struggle over the decision to get a cochlear implant for their son. ( this is taken from HLAA website)

Chris was the Keynote speaker at the Convention. Watch this video its captioned.

Hugs- Danielle

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Featured in the HLAA Magazine

I am in the September/October 2011 Hearing Loss Magazine from Hearing Loss Association of America.  Page 42 which is the last page. Photo credits to Cindy Dyer.  Click on the picture to read the questionare. If you are not an HLAA member yet Join Us! to receive the magazine.

Hugs- Danielle

Friday, September 9, 2011


I cannot believe its September!  This summer flew by really fast. Im finally back in college and I am so happy I am there. Its been four years. My first was awesome I knew both of my professors. I had an interpreter for both classes. I was exhausted when I came home. I just have to get used to it all over again. Hearing with my cochlear implant for the first time IN CLASS was an awesome experience. I was able to hear my professors while the interpreter was signing to me. There were times I couldn't understand what the professors were saying. So I am glad I have the interpreters. In math we started doing math problems. Last month I started math because its my weakness. My professor asked if we all knew what "Logic" was and some of the terms. I immediately raised my hand ( which I have never done in my life). I answered every question and my professor was like "How did you know that"and then I commented back saying " Im good." Something I would never say in my life! I guess I was calm because I was able to hear well.  
I am glad im back in school. Its something I need to finish. Yes I maybe sick still but I need to accomplish something in my life. I will be graduating Spring 2012. I am so excited and I am hoping to go to either Gallaudet University or Rochester Institute for the Deaf.

Ever since I had my cochlear implant. I feel more independent, I can hear well. I am happier. Its amazing how much this implant is a huge impact on my life. Its the best gift ever!

Remember a couple of weeks ago I was having this warbly sound coming from my processor. Well we changed everything coil and magnet everything. Finally they gave up and just gave me a new processor. I received the processor two days ago and It works fine. No more crazy sounds! (KNOCK on wood). I want you to know that sometimes there are technical problems but this implant has been by far the best 7 months of my life being able to HEAR & COMMUNICATE. I dont want you to get all discourage and say " I DONT WANT THE IMPLANT NOW" because she had to changed her processor. You cannot let things like this stop you. 

I received my ear mold in the mail yesterday and Its so difficult to put on the Ear Hook. First the tube is so tiny so i been trying to stretch it out. NO LUCK. I need this ear mold because my implant falls off my ear because I have baby ears. I am most likely going to have to go back into the city for this. Which is frustrating because I have no time with school and physical therapy. I have to get it done of course. The ear mold fits snuggly in my ear thats not the problem pushing the tubing onto the ear hook is a nightmare. My audiologist said's she has an tube tool that she can use to stretch it out.  I am hoping to go the week of Sept 18th.

I hope you are all having a good school year so far! I do read many blogs daily and I am so glad many of you are doing well especially the kids.