Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today I received an email regarding OTOTOXIC DRUGS. As many of you already know, I was on alot of drugs this pass year because of the seizure disorder I ended up with from the GARDASIL SHOT. Here is a list of medications that CAN AFFECT YOUR HEARING. Most, of these pills I was on. I was on about 20 different pills in less than 1 year. PLEASE PLEASE keep this link for your records.




Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Is Hearing Loss a Handicap?

A friend of mine asked me if Hearing Loss is a handicap. I honestly didn't have any answer for her because I don't consider myself being handicap because of my hearing impairment! I don't think I ever will even if I go deaf. I was doing research and I came across this information. Thought to share it with you all. Hope this helps.

BHI: Legal Rights of Individuals with Hearing Loss

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Proposal for Equal Opportunity for Deaf, hard of hearing, late- deafened and deaf blind Americans


Today, I got this email. Some of you probably are aware of this but for those of you that arent

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Captel Telephone

Captel telephone is for people that are either deaf or hard- of- hearing who have some residual hearing and like to speak for themselves.

How To Use The Phone-
You would place a call in the same way a hearing person would place a call by dialing their number. When the person you are calling answers, you hear everything he or she says just like a regular phone call. You can also SEE* the Captions which is an easy to read window that appears to be above the phone buttons.

For New York Residents the 1 time fee cost $99.00 that's all you have to pay! The Captions is free because it is covered by Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS). All you need is a telephone line and you are set to go
Watch the the Video on how it works!!!

Click Here for the nyrelay website to order your phone.

For those of you that live outside of New York and would like this phone

A friend of mine was confused on how this telephone worked so I called for her yesterday and they said this is the perfect telephone for her because she is Deaf and she speaks.

If I had the money I would get this phone because lately I have been missing out on alot of information using my Blackberry. Its very hard so eventually I will have this telephone!!!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Closed- Captioning Information

Remember my old post about closed caption?

There is a new Television show called MLB ( Major League Baseball). It was supposed to be aired long time ago but now It has finally arrived. Its Baseball all year around. Just like they have a Football and Hockey station. So MLB is a new great program and its been not even a week old yet. Its a great program because it has the perfect CLOSED CAPTION.. to tell you the truth that's one out of two stations that have great accurate information.

So going back to my old post last year,I've been upset about the lack of Closed Caption on SNY ( Sports Network New York).

Found the following on the FCC (Federal Communication Commisision) website.

9)Programming on new networks. Programming on a video programming network for the first four years after it begins operation.
This is True because I have about 10 copies of this saved in my files. But Why does a brand new channel that just got aired on Television have Closed Caption and a Channel that is 3 years old doesn't?

Why because SNY started in the May 2006 so they have 1 more year of exemption as a new network. SNY is owned by Sterling Entertainment Enterprise, Time-Warner, and Comcast. So you would think they would broadcast all the games with closed- captioning.

As far as the MLB NETWORK...The reason why they have Closed Caption because Major League Baseball is a variety such as Jackie Robinson Day. All I know is at least we have ONE** captioned baseball program! I am not satisfied because when comes time baseball season this year, I am going to be lost! But I am deafinitely happy and notified MLB thanking them because they have closed-captioning! I have been watching this channel all day for hours just to catch up on what I missed last year! Its Fantastic!!

I had to post this because Closed-Captioning is a huge issue for me. Most of my channels that Verizon Fios has all the CC is jumbled, half written.. basically awful and I hate to write negative things about CC but its only the truth. I wish for better CC one day! I thought it was my provider which is Verizon but its not.. they telling me its not every time I call!!

I WONT GIVE UP HOPE** as you all know I don't give up easily so I will deafinitely wait it out just for another year because basically there is nothing I can do. As much as I want to! By 2010 if SNY doesn't provide CC they will be getting my 5Th letter as well as the FCC ( RULES & REGULATIONS for closed-captioning.

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