Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3 Weeks since Activation

Hi Readers: I wanted to stop by on Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 but I didnt have the time. On Tuesday was 3 weeks since Activation. I am doing very well. My last post I was a little dissapointed but My brain has gotten used to this program. I am still on Program 3 since my last mapping. Program 1 and 2 are just to low. I am comfortable with program 1 altho I am still having a bit trouble with coversations and Im not getting it. So I think it needs to be up louder. I did try program 4 Im not happy with that program either. I am hoping thats this is happening maybe because 3 electrodes are off bc of the shocking pain I had in my face...? I hope! I had to reschedule my 3rd MAPPING im going April 7th. Yesterday I went outside it was a nice out sat on the pourch and I heard my dads pond. Pretty cool never heard that before. I heard the family business trucks which is across the street. I heard a car goin by that was very SQUEAKY noise. Then I heard my moms windchimes so cool sounded like DING DING DING. At first I couldnt get where it was coming from then I looked up and realized that must be it because it was blowing from the wind. I hear music very well and I love my audio cable. I also tried the Telecoil today with my cellphone m4/t4 rated I have the HTC EVO SHIFT TOUCH SCREEN new phone. I love it. I heard very well. It was just a BIT LOW. Altho the vol was high and so was my cell. So I think after my Mapping I will be set.

I cant beleive its 3 weeks. Time flys like CRAZY. So far been an amazing experience and I wouldnt change it for anything. About my Incision is nice and pink its so itchy drives me insane mostly at night I know its still healing. its only been 1 month. Its pink and You cant even see it. My hair grows so fast that I cant even notice anything. PERFECT! So it was worth the pain for 2 days!!!!!!

Here is a quick picture a bit better than the first one.

Have a wonderful night!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mapping March 21, 2011

On March 21, 2011. I had to run into the city because my implant was hurting my ear. Everytime there was a sound my hear hurt. It was bazzare for like a few days. I couldnt wait 4 weeks for my 3rd mapping. I went in by myself because mom was having surgery down the block. My audiologist took three ELECTRODES off because those electrodes where giving me the pain. We went through a series of beeps and I had to tell her when it hurt me. That is taken care of. I was hearing in the room I felt comfortable with the settings she made it even louder. She tested me with some words, I got them all correct. BUT.... heres the thing. The moment she walked me into the waiting room area I couldnt understand what she was saying and I felt like it was WAY TOO LOW! I was upset because I couldnt hear what the Secretary was saying to me " we have to make an appointment for your 3rd mapping in 3 weeks." So I didnt understand why I couldnt hear her. Then I couldnt hear the taxi driver. Ohgod now im upset. So In the room is a hudge difference from going outside in a regular setting so Im kind of upset because I was hearing fine. So now I have to wait till April 7th for my 3rd mapping and I guess Ill have her BLAST IT lol. It seems lower than before because I was able to hear conversations etc. Im guessing maybe because 3 electrodes are off. I DONT KNOW I need some opinions please that would be greatly appreciated. I do HEAR THINGS like my niece screaming " D" like I did with my 2nd mapping and I hear the keyboard still and MY OWN VOICE but for some REASON I cant hear other peoples voices its pretty low. I hear it BUT I CANT make out what is being said.

Two days ago I went to a board meeting because Im a member of my local HLAA chapter and this was the 1st MEETING I went to with my implant. There were just 5 of us we sit at a round table. It was HARD. I was getting upset and I was relying on LIPREADING THE ENTIRE TIME. I was exhausted. But then as we leave we didnt realize it was snowing so bad and it was icy tooo the snow just wouldnt stop coming down. As my friend driving all sudden I HEAR " TIC TIC TIC TIC TIC" I asked her WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT SOUND? I never heard that before... Happens to be FLEET. It was coming down really hard. PRETTY NEAT! Like I said I heard it and its pretty low so I was happy about that. As Im walking into my driveway to go to back door I hear that SAME NOISE above me coming from my UMBRELLA. I didnt want to get my implant wet so I had an umbrella with me. Same sound. TIC TIC TIC TIC. I was glad i heard the fleet for the 1st time in my life. I never heard that with my hearing aids before. I didnt even know almost everything makes a sound. Its amazing experience.

My next appointment for my 3rd mapping is April 7th. I can hear my voice right now but I cant hear peoples voices weird I did before. So I alot of things to mentain to her so I have to keep track of all this. I know it will be fixed I was just a little dissapointed.

So for all MY CI FRIENDS I need your advice.... I dont wantt to have to keep going back and forth to the city just to tune it up every 2 weeks! A friend of mine recomended & told me that SHE HAS THE SAME PROBLEM AS ME. So Im glad im not alone. What she does is she goes into the LOBBY or waiting area during the mapping to see if its LOUD enough then goes back to the audiologist room. Is there any other Suggestions for me??? It would be greatly appreciated. I am going to try this for my next mapping I just hope they dont think im CRAZY! LOL.

I also hear my new printer its so LOUD! It makes all these weird wiring noises something like " cha cha cha."

Also-- she didnt want to change programs on my remote. WELL shes going to kill me because Im on program 3 instead of 1 she wanted me to stay 1 week on progam 1 etc, 1 week on program 2 etc... Its to LOW EVEN on 3. So im suppose to do this because we are trying to figure out WHAT PROGRAM IS BEST FOR ME this way we just stick with that one program. But im postive Im patience well this week I havent been lol. But I know April will be here soon. I just feel like its LOWER than my 2nd mapping which makes no sense even though it isnt its LOUDER. & I keep saying Its only the begining.

Thanks for listening!

Friday, March 18, 2011

From Silence to Sound Documentary

There is new DVD called " From Silence to Sound" how a deaf man takes a chance on a risky surgery to get a Cochlear Implant to hear. This is a nice documentary about his life. Watch the video its captioned.

From Silence to Sound

To Purchase this DVD: Click Here

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yesterday's 2nd Mapping Results

Yesterday my friend & I went into the city for my 2nd mapping. I am doing very well and I told my audiologist what I have been hearing since day 2 with my implant and she was really happy for me. Then I told her that I want her to make it loud because I hear conversations but its so low to figure out what people are saying. Although I did hear one syllable words ( cat, bat fail ) on that program. It was low so she adjusted it. Its where I want it to be. So I am conmfortable at first when I left it was just too loud Im assuming because its just NYC and its loud and its never quiet. When I got home it was comfortable so I will leave it on this program. Im loving the control that comes with the Nucelus 5 this way I dont have to take off my implant and can just touch a button to either low it or put it louder so i love this option. Its conveient. The great news is that she put in the testing booth after she did my mapping and I did very well she told me to repeat a few words: " SAY THE WORD AIRPLANE, SAY THE WORD HOT DOG, SAT THE WORD POPCORN". I was so confident and I was so happy I heard almost all of her words. She said I did terrific! I couldnt believe it I wanted to do just jump up and down lol.

My 1st audiogram with my cochlear Implant on I hear 10db!!!!! How cool is that? Here is a picture of the audiogram. I couldnt believe it I left the office with a big smile on my face.

Then after we left the meeting I went to an HLAA meeting which I always enjoy going to because I learn so much from the meetings and I love meeting new people who have hearing loss just like me. We know how to communicate with eachother and they are just friendly people. The meeting was about WALK4HEARING which they showed a video. I liked the video because it explains the purpose of HLAA ( Hearing Loss Association of America) and the point of the WALK4HEARING and what they do with the money that is donated. This was my first meeting with my cochlear implant it was interesting. It took me a litle while to figure out the Telecoil switch. A telecoil switch for those of you that dont know is a switch you can touch on your implant and you will AUTOMATICALLY hear the person talking in your ears! I love it! They are on the latest hearing aids as well. I was able to hear somewhat of what the speaker was saying. Everyone was so happy for me and glad I was doing well. I also got to meet a new friend of mine that is in charge of all the state newsletters as well as my newsletter that I make every month for my local chapter. She is a great person and I was delighted to meet her!

I forgot to mentain that I will be going back in a month for my 3rd mapping and at that mapping my audiologist said she is going to turn on the TELEPHONE switch and some other programs! So excited! I am loving my audio cable that lets me listen to music.

Cant believe its almost 2 weeks with my Cochlear Implant!


Monday, March 14, 2011

2ND Mapping tomorrow

Tomorrow is my 2nd mapping and a week that I had my cochlear implant. I cant live without this implant. Its amazing & seriously I wouldn't change it for anything. The results already are incredible. I am very happy! Today I had a CI moment I wanted to share with you. For about 10 min I Heard DING DING DING and it kept going and going and I looked everywhere in my room, I had no clue what it could be then I thought maybe its my sister in the kitchen because she was cleaning. So I went downstairs because im on the 2nd level and nothing no cleaning my sister was sitting down. I said what is that NOISE? She saids its DADDY outside. So I look out the window from the kitchen and I see my father cutting wood. I couldn't believe I Heard this sound all the way in my room with all the windows shut. I was amazed. When I had my hearing aid on I never heard out the window before even when I had my mod-severe loss.

Tomorrow when I see my audiologist I'm going to ask her to turn up the volume a little bit louder Its low. I hear people talking I hear words clearer now but I need it a little bit louder. I cant make out what your saying without reading your lips just yet. I am also going to show her my progress with this program I received with my kit. I am sure shell be happy because my results I cant believe I scored 92% pretty awesome. Been practicing everyday so this helps as well.

My incision looks good nice and pink and now its starting to peel a little. I see my surgeon for the 1st time with my implant next week. Everything is going very well and I'm taken it day by day.

Tomorrow night I have an HLAA meeting I am looking forward to meeting a new friend and showing off my CI this will be my first meeting with my implant. I'll let you know how it goes.

Goodnight All!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 1 & 2 with my Implant

On March 9th, 2011 when woke up I was so happy couldn't wait to put on my implant. All sudden I started to hear sounds on program 4 n the map is on pretty low. Didnt realize how low it was until I wore it today. My implant is amazing. I have heard so many sounds yesterday. Here is the list:

1- my voice for the fist time ( I sound like a robot right now) BUT today March 10th it is a little clearer. My Niece calling my name " D" is priceless!

2- the wind

3- the keyboard and my mouse

4- texting someone on my cell phone

5-water running

6- When I was on the phone with my Left ear ( good ear) I heard some of what the recording said in my R ear! I couldnt believe it it was all mumbled though the robot sounds. AMAZING. I dont even know if thats normal!

7- I can hear one syllable words ex: Cat, Bat , Mat , Car etc.

8- the door shutting.

9- the TV I was watching Nick Jr with my niece and I heard the puppets but I didnt know what they were saying.

10- my brother in law chewing his food my mom saids its very very loud and I didnt realize what that sound was!

11- My mom played my nieces toy piano that was in the den while i was in the kitchen.At first I thought it was the back door but it wasnt.

AND so much more the list can go on forever...

Yesterday I practiced alot mostly all day with my 1 year old niece. It sure did help! I was exhausted but I was amazed at what I was hearing already.

Today March 10th, 2011 I woke up and practiced with this program I received in my kit. I love it. I practiced one syllable words and Pure tones and Voice recognition figuring out if it was male/female voices.

My results for the Pure tones I scored 92%.

Environmental sounds I scored 80% I got a few wrong what I got wrong WIND BLOWING OR CRICKET. It was a cricket sound not the wind. I never heard a cricket before. I was confused so I just guess on that one. I still did pretty good.

Then The Vowel Recognition results was 84% and the confused pairs that either a male or female was saying was Leap-Lope, Jack-Jock, Could-Ked, Yawn-yed. I was having a little trouble with those but remember its on very low.

Overall, I am very positive. It has been an amazing 2 days for me. I am very happy with my progress today is much CLEARER & I'm picking up alot more sounds.

I wanted to share this will you all. I know many of you were waiting for details. I cant believe all these amazing sounds I'm hearing & its only Day 2. I found out that I have a few hair cells left & my auditory memory helps!

Here is a picture of me with my Cochlear Implant on. I have to wear whats called a HOOK I think thats what its called the terms are still new to me. The hook keeps the implant on my ear because my ears are very tiny the implant fell off during activation. I love it and I forget its even on my head.

( Please Do Not Take Pictures without asking for approval.) Thanks!

So next week I'm going to ask my Audi to turn it up higher.

I should be back tomorrow.



Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 8th, 2011 Activation Day!

Yesterday was Activation day for me. I was so nervous I only slept 3 hours and woke up at 7:45am I just couldn't sleep. At 10am I left the house and then it just starting to kick in from there.My friend & I arrived in NYC about 11:45 which was really early but I rather be early than late especially I have to learn how to get here and there are so many different ways. So finally 1:30 comes and I was walking towards the building and I just took a deep breath. 2pm came I'm still sitting in the waiting room 2:10pm finally comes and my audiologist comes to gets me. Then I started shaking LOL! I was thinking what it would be like to hear my niece and things I couldn't hear before even with my hearing aids. The appointment was 2 hours. Finally the processor comes out and I love love the color glad I choose my hair color ( BROWN). Its perfect! My audiologist explained the pieces of my processor the Coil, magnet etc. I sware I never learned so much in such a short amount of time it was overwhelming. Finally the processor goes on my head I didnt feel the magnet at all. Then ALL SUDDEN I hear this tiny beep. I NEVER HEARD LOW BEEPS IN MY LIFE! IT WAS AMAZING. Most of the time I was straining but I HEARD IT!! I DIDNT CARE. I heard the loud ones too. When you talk it sounds like ROBOT and when it first came on it was alot she had to turn it down. She put it all the way on but then I started getting a headache ( OF ALL TIMES) I think because my brain wasnt used to all that noise. Its MUFFLED but she said it was normal. I was having trouble sometimes with the beeps because I didnt know if it my TINNITUS or not my TINNTUS has been the worst since surgery & very LOUD. So we went over my kit we kept the processor on low and the control on volume 10 it goes up to. I love this control because i dont have to take off my processor to switch a program! I can just touch a button & that it. Its very light I dont even feel it.

I have videos but unfortunately It wont let me post them so your going to have to wait till next week for a short 5 minute video. Being that the video is 1 hour I was having problems uploading! :( But I promise next week I will have a video. I will be taking a picture that I will post in a few days!

It was an amazing Activation and like I said I couldnt believe I was hearing that low. She kept it on low due to my HEADACHES ergh. I go back on March 15th Im going to ask her to turn it up.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Activation Day is almost Here!

Its Saturday night everyone keeps asking me " ARE YOU EXCITED" " WHEN'S ACTIVATION." I seriously feel like i been saying the answer for years yet its only 4 weeks. I cannot believe only 2 more days till ACTIVATION DAY on TUESDAY MARCH 8TH, 2011!!!!! Thank you all for the amazing support it really means alot to me. It hasn't hit me yet I am excited but the actual day hasn't come and that's when I'm going to get nervous! Im leaving about 11 appointment is 2pm. Its a 2 hour appointment so its going to be a long day for me! My incision is look really good its pink and the top hasn't peeled off yet which is driving me nuts because I have OCD issues lol. It has healed very nicely and you can barely see it. The tinnitus is AWFUL. Surgeon is on vacation so I dont have anymore XANEX and apparently the on call Dr. doesnt want to call me back altho I called 4 x I gave up so Im suffering with barely any sleep. My surgeon is awesome! I lucked out I am glad I picked him after all! A big thanks to one of my HLAA meetings he came to one of them and spoke about Implants about 3 years ago. This was way before I even went deaf in this ear but I remembered him from the meeting!

I hope you are all doing well. All of your journeys I have been reading daily and Its a big inspiration to me and I seriously never in my life did I learn so much in such a short amount of time. Cochlear Community is just amazing and Im glad that there is a support group out there!

PS-- I CANT WAIT TO HEAR! Ahhhh! Its so exciting. All the " WHATS IF'S" are in my head. I must say though.. I do LOVE the option that I can be IN SILENCE WHEN I WANT TO :) Sometimes I do need it so its nice to have BOTH WORLDS.

Eventually I would love love love to become a Cochlear Volunteer! That is one of my goals for the future once everything falls into place.

Have a great weekend!

I promise I will be back March 8th, 2011 the day of ACTIVATION! I will posting pictures as well.