Monday, March 12, 2012


Today I received my first SKIN IT for my N5 processor. It looks awesome. I cannot wait to go to opening day wearing this. SKIN It is available for any processor. Below you click on what processor you have and it will go right to the website. I will definitely be getting more!!! Putting the sticker on the processor was pretty simple. The first thing you want to do is wipe your processor with a cloth both sides. Then just peel the sticker off the paper and put it onto the processor. This takes less than a few seconds to do. 

I cant find anything for Med El. Sorry.

Also today I received an email there is an APP for the IPHONE now for Parent IEP checklist click here to download it.

Have a good week...

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Petition: To get MLB Network to Caption their shows

Two days ago I was so excited to watch the first  yankee spring training game. The game was on MLB network.  I am a disappointed because MLB network doesn't provide closed captioning for the deaf. They are discriminating against the Deaf and hard of hearing. This is not fair because I couldn't even enjoy watching the game. What is the point of watching the game when I dont understand what is being said?  Everyone should be able to enjoy watching sports equally. There is no excuse.

I called MLB because I was so frustrated. Finally after 40 minutes someone picks up. The person said they filed the complaint and that she couldn't help, to "CALL MY CABLE PROVIDER". for the concerns. Meanwhile the commercials HAD CAPTIONS!!!! I knew it wasn't my TV or cable box because every other channel that I switched to had CAPTIONS! Theres no excuse.

So I decided to start a petition to get MLB to caption there network. I am asking you to take two seconds to please sign this for me.  I am aiming for over 1,000 signatures. Please send to family and friends. Your help is greatly appreciated.

FCC law stating that all stations MUST be Accessible for Americans with Disabilities.



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