Thursday, July 5, 2012

Your Child's Hearing

If you are you a parent of a child who is hard of hearing or Deaf, the most important thing you need to know is YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

I am sure when you first heard the news it was overwhelming for you.  I have to tell you in this world today we have such amazing technology. The best part about all this is you also have amazing support. There are tons of support groups. Support groups is something my parents NEVER HAD. They didn't know what to do for me because not one professional guided them the right way.

Thats why this post is important to me.

These two websites below will help you get a head start on your child's hearing loss.

My Baby's Hearing

Beginnings for parents of children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing

There are support groups you can join. You can talk with other parents. There are a lot more support groups out there. I also know on face book there are many groups.  The three support groups below are very well known. I know alot of people who are on them and find them to be helpful.




If anyone knows of another support group please let me know and I will add it to this list. Thanks :)

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American Girl Doll has hearing aids for their dolls

American Girl now has hearing aids for their dolls.  Isn't this awesome? We have to get them to make one for cochlear implant recipients.  

I love how American Girl not only has hearing aids for the dolls but other products such as no hair, wheelchairs etc. To bad we didn't have this stuff when we were younger. Oh how I wish I can be a kid all over again.

This is perfect if your child has hearing aids. She would love this!

Above click the link and it bring you right to the website. Scroll down and you will see hearing aids. Click on that and it will bring up a page.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hearing the Ocean

The other night I went with my friend to the beach. Since I couldn't exercise I decided to go down by the water to hear the ocean for the first time. My entire life I wore hearing aids up until I couldnt benefit from them anymore. It's amazing that I can hear the ocean with my processor. I didnt have the opportunity to hear water growing up.

Hearing the ocean with my processor for the very first time was overwhelming for me. I didn't get the chance to do this last summer with my first implant because the implant failed.

At first the waves seemed so loud because I was standing right in the water. After a few minutes the water became so peaceful to me. I wanted to sit there all night.

I had the perfect night for this moment. There was a clear sky and full moon.  I even took an eight minute video so I can listen to the waves over and over again. That night when I came home before bed I listened to the waves again.

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