Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Today I recieved an email about Marlee Matlin's New tv show called " My Deaf Family". Marlee Matlin is the Producer of this tv show. The show is only on YOUTUBE as of right now. I am hoping that it gets aired on tv. It is amazing. please watch it. My Deaf Family is about the story of Jared, 15 and his family, The Firls, who live and love like any family except that Jared is hearing and communicates using sign language with his deaf family.The Show is Captioned.

I thought this was a perfect start!!! Its a beautiful story. I'm looking forward for more episodes. I hope that at some point it gets aired on TV only so everyone can watch what its like to have a "Deaf Family". If you have a YOUTUBE account you can simply Subscribe to this show!! You can either go to youtube or watch it on my blog.


What do you think about this show???


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Silence the Ringing in your Ears

Check out this article I found! I wish I could afford this.

Tinnitus- Silence the Ringing in Your Ears This video IS NOT captioned below the video is the transcript.

My tinnitus is so severe. It has gotten worst this past year once I lost all of my hearing. There is nothing I can do about it. I noticed at night when I take off my hearing aids the Tinnitus is AWFUL! I end up putting my aids back in because it lessens the Tinnitus and the pain. To bad Insurance companys dont cover the cost of this device! My tinnitus occurs 24/7.

Do you experience Tinnitus? If so how often??



Friday night thanks to my Dad got me 2 tickets to see my favorite band. We arrived early and we ended up being really closed. I couldnt get the floor because it was standing room only and I cant stand because of my legs. So believe it or not my ears were fine for the entire night. For some reason though I was having trouble with the words.. I felt the beat of course but I was catching all the words. So I started panicing. I think it was the way the colliseum was setup. It was setup differently this time. Jason the lead singer decided to go into the audience for the 1st time.. I almost died, So I ran down like a lunatic to where the stage was because he has to come back that way in order to get back on stage and I put my hand out and he shook it. I WAS SO HAPPY I almost cried!! I was shaking for about an hour thinking how I would never wash my Right hand again haha! That just made my night! Then he sang my favorite song and apparently Im the only one that knew the new song. I screamed and you heard I EVEN HEARD MY OWN SCREAM* it echoed through the entire colliseum! So funny haha! When my sister and I decided to leave I had a weird feeling all the sudden my sisters talking to me on the way to the car. I saw BRYCE he had his hoodie on because he didnt want to be noticed and he was on the phone so I completely left my sister booked it to the left because we were on the Right side leaving and I was behind bryce. He was on the phone he held the door for me and I go BRYCE? and I wave! I wanted to go up to the guy but I didnt wanna make a big scence because all this 12 year olds would of probably had a heart attack! So I waved to him instead. That also made my night. Believe it or not I got home and my battery was still fine. I was surprised! This is the first time my battery didnt die on me wohoo! Speaking about the batteries... I guess it normal for batteries to last maybe 4 days I mean I wear my aids the MOMENT I WAKE UP and till the moment i go to sleep at night. I never really wore aids this often in my lifetime but now that I RELY on them and I cant LIVE WITHOUT THEM I have no choice. The batteries last me a good 4 days. It gets to be annoying though changing them! Like for instance, I went out with my girlfriend the other day for lunch the battery died. I thought I was going to die and I didnt have any batteries on me that day. I was in silence and I felt weird and nervous for the first time. It was a very awkward moment for me! So now I got batteries attached to my HIP!

Goodnight All Have A Great Week!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I havent been blogging much because I have been so busy being the new newsletter editor for my HLAA chapter. Its sure is hard work but I enjoy every minute of it and I am glad I have the opportunity to do something like this. Another reason is beautiful I spend each day with my precious niece. She is getting so big!!! Time sure does fly. I have been teaching her to sign MILK for a few weeks now and I love when she watches me while Im doing it. I also sign & sing TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR and she just giggles!

Lately- the sounds are starting to get to much for my ears. I get alot of headaches. I know Im not used to all this noise, but at times I really cant wear my aids. The sound gets to be too much that I rather be signing and NOT TALKING. This past week as well I havent been talking much because the sounds the banging or pans or someone talking and I just I dont know why I cannot handle the noise. I am waiting for my insurance to pick up again because they messed up on something once that is taken care of I am going for speech therapy 2x a week my audiologist recommended because I am having a problem of " TALKING TOO LOUD". Even a very good friend of mine who is deaf ( wears bilateral Cochlear Implants) say can you talk a little quieter. She deafinitely understands I CANNOT HEAR MY OWN VOICE*. ALOT of people dont understand ( especially hearing people) that I CANNOT HEAR MY OWN VOICE & to sit and explain why I cannot hear my own voice (which i have no idea why i cant w/ the aids on) its just pointless because they always say " SHHH YOUR TALKING TO LOUD". So I will be learning how to monitor my voice. I havent been in speech therapy since I graduated High School that was 6 years ago. It's time to start again I think I lost most of my skills. Its hard not being able to communicate. I'm also having trouble on the cell phone as well and conversations. Gotta figure out whats going on.

I went for my new AVG test last month and I DONT have MENIERE'S but I have really bad recrutment and vertigo! So thats another thing I have to get going on.

Do you talk LOUD?? If so what do you do to help monitor it? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great day!