Friday, January 9, 2009

Captel Telephone

Captel telephone is for people that are either deaf or hard- of- hearing who have some residual hearing and like to speak for themselves.

How To Use The Phone-
You would place a call in the same way a hearing person would place a call by dialing their number. When the person you are calling answers, you hear everything he or she says just like a regular phone call. You can also SEE* the Captions which is an easy to read window that appears to be above the phone buttons.

For New York Residents the 1 time fee cost $99.00 that's all you have to pay! The Captions is free because it is covered by Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS). All you need is a telephone line and you are set to go
Watch the the Video on how it works!!!

Click Here for the nyrelay website to order your phone.

For those of you that live outside of New York and would like this phone

A friend of mine was confused on how this telephone worked so I called for her yesterday and they said this is the perfect telephone for her because she is Deaf and she speaks.

If I had the money I would get this phone because lately I have been missing out on alot of information using my Blackberry. Its very hard so eventually I will have this telephone!!!

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful Weekend Stay Warm and Dry!!!


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