Saturday, May 16, 2009


A friend emailed me about this new documentary coming out.
" Louder Than Words".

Synopsis from the website- The feature documentary film Louder Than Words will explore the riveting real life drama of a deaf Chicago area family, as they live their daily lives in the hearing world.It is the story of how the controversial procedure has created opportunity for some deaf individuals but has also drawn the resentment of much of the deaf community.The film will follow the Stark family as they visit highly specialized doctors and alter their lives and those of their children in order to complete the procedure. The film will be given unfettered access to this unique world and the medical process of the cochlear implant.Michael and Jill Stark, born deaf and highly successful professionals in the hearing world, have already implanted their eldest son Jeffrey and now look to do the same for their newborn daughter Melissa. They will also struggle internally and with their deaf peers as they debate whether or not to undergo the procedure themselves.

Here is the Trailer:

Click Here Louder Than Words Website


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