Thursday, January 21, 2010


Two people emailed me today asking me HOW TO PROTECT THEIR HEARING so with all the information from past HLAA meetings, from my knowledge and from my audiologist. I decided to come up with a few facts that I have learned which was very helpful to me.

- Sounds is LOUD* enough to DAMAGE* hearing if it causes rining in the ears or your ears feel " STUFFY or MUFFLED" after the sound is turned off. Avoid these sounds beacuse they can PERMANENTLY DAMAGE YOUR HEARING FOR GOOD!!!! Many of you dont think it true but it is.

- keep hearing protection/earplugs handy to place in the ears in noisy environments to protect your hearing.

- You should have your hearing tested every year if you work in LOUD ENVIRONMENTS ( for those without hearing loss) to assure that they are not developing a hearing loss.

I was told by my Audiologist... NO MATTER how old or young you are, too much exposure to loud noise can permanently damage your hearing. whether its a screech of a chain saw, the sudden blast of a hunting RIFLE** or the roar of a lawn mower, exposure to loud sounds can cause PERMANENT HEARING LOSS!!! By avoiding these situations GO BUY YOURSELF A PAIR OF EARPHONES OR EARPLUGS. IT HELPS!!!

Hearing protection is very important and many of you dont think it is that is why I wanted to take the time to explain how dangerous LOUD NOISES can be.


Thanks for Reading, I hope this helps.



Frieda said...

A very important post, Dani! People don't think of iPods and other MP3 devices as ones to cause hearing loss, but they do.

If you can hear someone else listening to their music while they are using earbuds or headphones, their volume is TOO loud!

JoeyRes said...

Great post Dani - most people aren't thinking about their hearing, but they should always be. I often look back and think of how ironic it was that I was so protective of Julia's hearing before I even knew of her hearing loss. I was always thinking about whether situations were too loud for my baby. In the end I didn't do anything to preserve her hearing (nothing I could have done) but I am still protective of my hearing.