Monday, February 22, 2010

Hearing Review Article By David G. Myers, PhD.

Progress Toward the Looping of America— and Doubled Hearing Aid Functionality by David G. Myers, PhD.

A Must Read Article!

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SpeakUp Librarian said...

Excellent article. Thank you for posting this, Danielle.
My local hearing loss support group had a presentation by InLoop and it was amazing. A movie was playing on a DVD player while the speaker was talking. By clicking on my T-coil, I could hear the movie perfectly. By clicking it off, I could hear the presenter again.
I have yet to visit a place that has been looped. Have you been to one?

Danielle said...

Sara- Loop is fantastic. We have that at our HLAA meetings. All i have to do is when a speaker is talking is click the button and the speakers in my ears. It works awesome especially with the new aids... Last week was a meeting and the speaker put a dvd on and it was BEAUTIFUL I heard every word and relied on the captioned too! It was great. NYC is looped now I havent been there because of my illness but ill check out the Looped Taxis soon. I will let you know. Also Starbucks is Looped now as well so im going to just go one day to see how that is. Many places are coming out with it now... thankfully. I am trying to get the METS to get the LOOP system in for the info desk etc. Because I am a fan and I have trouble hearing them through the glass and have to rely on someone to hear for me. So thats a big process! NYY is already looped so Now I will fight for what I want.