Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How to Protect your hearing on 4th of July

I am not big about 4th of July and heres why. I may sound like an old person lol but the truth is you have no clue that IT DAMAGES YOUR EARS.... I am also afriad of them. This weekend there will be alot of fireworks so in order to prevent "TINNITUS" ( ringing in the ears) I will be using special headphones to protect my ears. Its very important to protect your ears in really noisy environments. Until then I know that my family wont listen to me until the end of the day when there ears are buzzing. Especially for those little ones! Here are a few resources that may help you in how to protect your ears as well as your childrens ears.
Here is an excerpt from this website to give you an idea:
Effect of loud noise on the inner ear
Immediately after long exposure to very loud noise, there are changes in various structures of the inner ear, including the outer hair cells, the bristles of the inner hair cells, and the connections between the nerves and the cells.
If the ear is rested for a few days, some of the damaged structures appear to recover, but changes to scattered outer hair cells persists.
There is gradual loss of outer hair cells and later, with increasing age, the inner hair cells.

Parenting: Noise & Hearing

Fireworks & Ear Safety


Here is the two things I use to protect my ears from Fireworks. It helps for any Loud Environments.


Earmuffs are very expensive these days the ones I will eventually get cost around $200.00. Here are the Earmuffs I will be using that cost me $20.00 They do work great!!!!

Happy 4th of July!!!! Be Safe and protect those Ears!!!!




SpeakUp Librarian said...

Excellent post, Danielle.
I watch fireworks with ear protection too.

Frieda said...

An excellent reminder for everyone...thanks!

Annie said...

Hi, Danielle. Just checking to see if you had your CI evaluation as mentioned in an earlier post. If so how did that go?

Hope all is well with you.

: )

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This is a great post. We should always protect our ears from noise pollution.

Xandra said...

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It is good to see you verbalize from the heart and your clarity on this important subject can be easily observed.
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One must always remember to protect our ears whenever there are loud sounds. Ears can be very vulnerable especially when they are abused.