Monday, November 1, 2010

Extreme Makeover Show & other things

Last night when I got home I just needed to relax after a long horrible day.. I still cannot believe my aunt is gone so suddenly and out of the blue. Seriously live each day like its your last because anything in seconds can happen and yes that is my biggest fear lately. Anyways I watched the Extreme Makeover show about the Oregon School for the Deaf. I really enjoyed watching this show and I was so happy they put something like this on TV. I was AMAZED when a few of the people got emotional on there about " hearing loss". I was so happy that Starkey gave all these children new hearing aids. It just made my night and put a big smile on my face and I even applaud LOL! I am also happy the people that are on the show learned a few signs before they went to OREGON's school. Things like this make my day and the awesome Strobe lights to let you know someone's coming in your dorm is awesome. So a big thanks to ABC for putting this on TV.

If I ever win the lottery my dream is to donate most of the money to Starkey Hearing Foundation. I struggled my entire life as many of you know and I dont want these amazing children regardless of whatever age to STRUGGLE. I want them to Succeed in life and be happy and proud of who they are! It took me a very long time for me to get there I finally go there though. Now I realize look at all that support and the deaf community and all the technology we have today its totally different. It just amazes me.

Anyways, Tomomrow is another big day yes at 3pm though haha lol so i get to sleep most of my day because I am just beet from this funeral. Tommorow I find out the results from my hospital stay NO it has NOTHING** to do with HEARING LOSS or Cochlear Implant. Its about my brain because I havent been well for 3 years now. So I am hoping they found something. Keep those fingers crossed.

2nd- I am excited and nervous on Nov 16 a few days before my 25th bday I am going into the city to have CI DEMO. Basically this is where I meet with the audiologist who tested my R ear out and the surgeon. So nervous! I have so many questions in the notebook. I feel weird asking all these questions and I know its common but I dont want to be annoying lol. I will let you know about this day....

Here is the direct link to the ABC show Extreme Makeover. Thanks Frieda! To put captions on all you have to do is click CC. Its such a great show please watch it for those that didnt.

Extreme Makeover Oregon School for the Deaf

Have a good night!!!



Frieda said...

Both sets of fingers are crossed for you!!

Frieda said...

PS. I'm watching the show you can find it here:(CC)

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

Very cool about the ABC show!

Best of luck with your tests. I'll be praying for you!

kim said...

Good luck with your test. Let us know what you found out when you can.