Thursday, July 5, 2012

American Girl Doll has hearing aids for their dolls

American Girl now has hearing aids for their dolls.  Isn't this awesome? We have to get them to make one for cochlear implant recipients.  

I love how American Girl not only has hearing aids for the dolls but other products such as no hair, wheelchairs etc. To bad we didn't have this stuff when we were younger. Oh how I wish I can be a kid all over again.

This is perfect if your child has hearing aids. She would love this!

Above click the link and it bring you right to the website. Scroll down and you will see hearing aids. Click on that and it will bring up a page.

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Shelly Voelker said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for making hearing aids. my daughter was born with a hearing disability and she can finally have a doll that's just like her.

Brandon McBride said...

I'm with anonymous on this one. I think it's great to see American Girl helping girls everywhere to feel special by providing them with a doll that they can relate with on a personal level.