Thursday, November 22, 2012

I am thankful I can Hear..

It has been months since I blogged due to the new illness that is horrifying. After being diagnosed with cancer this took a toll on me. But, I have to say I am thankful for being able to hear with my processor. Having an interpreter at every appointment just so I dont miss out on something is amazing. Definitely a life saver. The best part is I dont even have to request the interpreters they knew since day one and the cancer center does it automatically for me. Thank Gosh. One less thing to worry about.

Hearing almost everything takes a huge load off me. TREMENDOUSLY. Especially since I go alone to these appointments. There are times I cannot use my processor and I end up having severe anxiety. But again thanks to interpreters it helps a lot.

I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving. I miss communicating with all of you and being up to date with all your awesome blogs. It has been awhile since blogging. I sure do miss it. I miss all my friends. But, I just have to focus on this right now.

Soon I hope to be back up and running again...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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