Thursday, October 9, 2008

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the sensation of rining, buzzing and other sounds in the ears or head without an external stimulus. I call it " ringing in the ears" to people that dont know what Tinnitus is. Its AWFUL. It can really make you misserable. Every moment of my day I suffer from this. Its deafinitely worst at night.Now that I am Deaf in my right ear from sudden deafness all the tinnitus went to the LEFT ear. Its even louder now the sounds. I can barely sleep at night at times. They say to try over the counter drugs or tylenol.. HEY GUYS ITS DOESNT WORK! I have tried it all for the past 4 years. I realized to stop spending my money on all these medicines since its not even doing a thing for me. I think We all NEED to try our best and block it out and the best way to do that for me and I dont know if this will work for you but what I do is
1: I stopped worrying about the pain because in reality it triggers other things for me.
2: Dont think negative about it what
3: what helps me a times is breathing in and out a couple of times.
4: Being Negative about it will only make it worst. Believe me I been there.

Well- I suffered and suffered for days and months and even years about this up until I came across this amazing book " The Consumer Handbook on Tinnitus".. It really helped me get through most of my day so if your really suffering from this buy the book... it will deafinitely change your perspective on tinnitus I MUST say there isnt a " CURE" for tinnitus YET but hopefully if we all get through this maybe someday down the road there will be a cure. Who knows in this case we all have to learn how to " DEAL WITH IT". Thats how I deal with it. I am doing much better with it. Somedays I have the bad days and somedays I have the good days. You can buy this book anywhere especially touch the amazon link and it will direct you right to the page.

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Val said...

My deaf son never complains w/tinnitus. My deaf daughter has twice. She's four and first she told me the phone was ringing, as she went to bed...she did NOT have her processors on. The next time it wasn't a "ringing" but some other sound (I forgot) but I knew it was likely this tinnitus!