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Today my family and friends supported me at the Walk4Hearing in NYC.I had such a wonderful time although it was pretty cold out there we were able to finish the 5k within an hour. Many people came up to all of us and took so many pictures. The green shirts really made us stand out. I had the chance to meet everyone I have been talking to online with. One is my dearest friend Roberta who has a profound hearing loss since age 5. She has worn hearing aids in both ears for 49 years but she always struggled in the hearing world trying to get by. Two years ago she was able to get each ear implanted with the freedom cochlear implant. She told me she can hear many things she never heard before.. now she is able to talk on the telephone although sometimes she still has difficutly. I am so happy we finally got to meet.She is a wonderful person and friend.
Roberta and I

When I came home I receieved such a nice letter from Roberta this is what she wrote:

Hi Danielle,

I must say, it was really a pleasure to meet you as well as walking with you in the Park. It was so much fun, even though it was freezing, it was worth it. My daughter Andrea was very pleased to meet you too and had enjoyed the walk4hearing.
Danielle, you are doing very well in speaking and concentrating with your communications and was very impressed with you. You have a very nice family and friends and was also glad to have met them too.

this email made my night.

I have met a few other friends and It was a pleasure meeting them all. It was very exciting day for me. We were asked to be filmed so my entire team and I stood together while I the ( Team Captain) spoke about how much we have raised which was an easy $3,000.00!!!!

Overall, Today was an amazing 1st time experience for me to support hearing loss. All my life I always wanted to support my hearing loss and today was that day! I couldnt believe all the people coming up to me saying " Are you Danielle, I been wanting to meet you, I love your shirts".

Lastly, I just wanted to say to my family and my Teammates who joined me in this special event today a hudge THANK YOU! I wouldnt of been able to do this without your support today! This means the world to me!I will never forget this day. I'm so glad all of you had a great time and Im so glad all of you supported me today who happens to be the only one in the family who struggles with a hearing loss.

As of Todays date the NYC WALK4HEARING MANHATTAN CHAPTER RAISED $110,617.11 !!!!!!!!

Thank you all who sponsored me!!

Roberta, Anne Pope and Me

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LOOKS like everyone had a blast.