Monday, February 9, 2009

The Amazing Race: Margie & Luke

Hi All: I hope you all had a good weekend. I did on Saturday but when I woke up on Sunday...for some reason I couldnt move my back has been hurting me. Now I have a VIRUS. That explains it. I was watching TV yesterday I came across a commericial " The Amazing Race" This has been a show in the past. I have never watch it but what caught my eye was the man signing. So I Rewind the TV and I said COOL, HES DEAF and wants to be on this show that he loves. So I found the video on you tube but There was no CLOSED CAPTION, which im not surprised. So I tired my hardest to caption this as best as I could. Knowing ASL was a a help.


Tune in On Saturday Feburary 15, 2009 at 8:00pm ET/PT on Channel 2 (CBS).If you live somewhere else check your LOCAL STATION

Hope You watch it. I Cant wait for this show!!! I have never watched this show before but I am because LUKE has proved that " DEAF PEOPLE CAN DO ANYTHING"...


" Deaf People can do ANYTHING except HEAR"- Marlee Matlin

Last I wanted to post this Cartoon I found, because I am starting to get IRRATATED that TV channels dont have CLOSED CAPTION. It's pissing me off!!!! You know the law shouldn't be " AFTER 3 YEARS, MUST PROVIDE CC". Give me a break it should be on all the stations! I was thinking back a couple weeks ago I was over Will's house and his little sister goes : "The Closed Caption sucks & they make alot of erros because thats not what I JUST HEARD" I sat there and I didn't know how to answer it. So my point is.. Closed Caption effects millions of people everyday. Im hearing all the time how certain providers have awful CLOSED CAPTION such as VERIZON. Now I love verizon but I really hate the Closed Caption because its slow and its always wrong. I always have to complain. At times I dont watch TV because it gets frustrating. A friend of mine had VERIZON and switched back to CABLEVISION because CABLEVISION provides much better CAPTIONS.I couldn't believe it!

I hope you all have a good day! I will be back later.


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Frieda said...

cool...good job on the CC! I got tired of the delayed CC and the squares and squiggles as I was using the outside antennae. Since I have Comcast cable, things are so much better! Now, they just need to CC everything!