Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Good News Remember my Old Post about Netflix not having Subtitles for deaf/hearing impaired customers? Well Today the good is about to arive but WILL NOT TAKE PLACE TILL NEXT YEAR!!!!! Check out this Information below:

An article published at afterdawn.com on June 16, 2009 has reported that Netflix will be adding captioning to its web streamed videos next year:

Netflix to add subtitles to streaming videos next year

Netflix has announced that it will finally add subtitles to its video streaming library, however, not until next year. CEO Reed Hastings says the lack of subtitles has been one of the biggest complaints about the service's "Watch Instantly" streaming library. Netflix will finish creating the text files that will "give customers the option of enacting captions on digital titles on devices using Microsoft’s Silverlight components sometime in 2010, adds Netflix chief product officer Neil Hunt.

“Captioning is in our development plans but is about a year away,” Hunt finished.

You can find the article and submit a comment at:

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Frieda said...

Woo HOo!! Can't wait!

The Stovers said...

Oh Yay! We cancelled our subscription when we heard they weren't doing them. We'll wait til they actually have it to re-subscribe. Even if we don't need it right now...who knows Shiloh may. Hope you are doing well :)