Thursday, December 3, 2009

DoorBell, Fire, telephone, carbon monoxide Alerters for Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

A new friend of mine who happens to be very knowledgeable told me there are many doorbell alerters and other alerters that are on the market.I am glad things like this are out there for us.


Here are just a few options for you.

1- TELTEX- Teltex gives a big discount to HLAA ( Hearing Loss Association of America members). This Item is a Wireless Doorbell Transmitter and Reciever.

2- SILENT CALL alerts to telephone, doorbell, carbon monoxide - and has fire alarm alert as well.

3- HOME DEPOT also has many alerters for us as well here is a Wireless Plug In Strobe for Doors with a flashing Light.

By Clicking on the Link it will take you directly to the websites!

Hope this helps.



Frieda said...


SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Danielle,
I nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger award. You can read more about it here.
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Loudest Mom said...

Hi Danielle!
I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond....between Christmas shopping and school, I've been swamped. Keeping hearing aids and implants on while playing sports is a tough one. The real key is a great ear mold (for hearing aids), and if that still is not working maybe one of the old school style sweat bands (over the ear, although it would impair your hearing some).

For the implant we received some great suggestions so we utilize a huggie (thin plastic tubing that attaches to the ear hook and wraps around the ear to hold it in place), and we use the new style thin elastic sports headbands and place it over the head piece cord.

I'm not sure if this helps at all, but making sure your ear mold is a snug fit is what has really helped.

Best of luck :)

JoeyRes said...

I'm planning a call to our local fire department to see about having some HOH devices put in our home. I want to have a plan for when my daughter is old enough to be home alone.

I also wanted to let you know that I'm listing your site in my Sunday post about blogs written by adults with hearing loss. I've been getting a lot from reading blogs that might give an indication of what's to come in my daughter's future.

You can check it out on Sunday at

marry said...

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