Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Seven Tips To Better Communication For the Holidays

Recently,I had the privilege to meet Arlene Romoff at a Hearing Loss meeting. She is an amazing woman who happens to inspire me. She is also the author of the book called Hear Again- Back to Life with a Cochlear Implant . I couldn't put her book down. I felt like I knew her my entire life. Arlene and I had the same exact hearing loss. Arlene is working on her second book which is about her second cochlear implant. She is now Bilateral.

Arlene wrote Communication tips for all of us who are hearing impaired back in 2008 in the Hearing Loss Association of America magazine. It is also posted on the website.

I wanted to share with you all these great tips! These tips really helped me understand what I have to do in order to communicate better this year. This Christmas will be the first that I will be hearing many new things and people!!! I never heard what Christmas is all about. I am so excited!!! The best gift ever this year is these aids. I cannot live without them they saved my life.

Seven Tips To Better Communication For the Holidays

I hope you all find this helpful as it did for me and I wish you all a Wonderful Holiday!!!



Frieda said...

Merry Christmas, Dani! I know it will be a great one for you this year~ Ü

Karen Putz said...

I read Arlene's book too-- and I felt like I got to know her through her book. I plan to be at HLAA next year and looking forward to meeting many new faces.

Enjoy your Christmas!