Tuesday, September 28, 2010

AI- LIVE: Classroom Captioning In Austraila

To the Parents and Students, I wanted to let you know there is LIVE CAPTIONING happening inside classrooms now in Australia. This really makes me happy to see that this is available for those that are deaf/ hard of hearing. Check out the video. It is captioned.


Also, I wanted to say Thank You all for the kind emails and amazing support about being a Candidate for a Cochlear Implant! I really appreciate each and every email. It means alot.On the other hand, A few of you asked what kind of hearing aid batteries do I use because the ones you are using aren't successful or don't last. Well to tell you the truth,I have tried over the years many different batteries and to be honest they all STINK* some wouldn't even last me a day. 8 months ago when I received my hearing aid I was told by my Audiologist to use ECO-GOLD. I never heard of the company. I thought I give it a try. They are such a great company. There are many reasons why I love ECO-GOLD heres why:
1- They ship fast plus FREE SHIPPING!
2- They are really inexpensive $24.00 tops for 42 batteries you cant beat that.
3-The best part is- If I put a brand new battery in this morning it will last me for about 3 weeks. Its amazing and I wear this hearing aid the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep. Its great battery life! I cant even tell you. You can order online here. I advise you to figure out what size battery you need. Also these batteries made my hearing more clearer as other batteries would make horrible sounds. Let me know how they work for you.

Have a good night!


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