Thursday, January 20, 2011

13 more days till Surgery

Only 13 more days till Surgery. Dr filled out a medical clearence form and blood work is normal. THANKGOD! Everything is all set to go. I wanted to thank you all again for your amazing support and for the emails. I cannot believe its 13 days away. I am scared but yet very excited to hear things I never heard before. My Right ear has always been the bad ear.... I am very positive and It will go fine I know it will. For the first time in my life I wont have to struggle and I think this is a hudge step in my life. I have been through hell the past 3 years and then loosing my hearing in between the illness. I am much better thankgod and I think that once I have the CI my stress level will be less. All my life I got by barely trying to communicate with people so I been wondering what its like to actually hear WORDS & sounds that I never heard in my life. You just go on with life you know and I didnt realize my hearing was that bad until it hit rock bottom for me about one year ago. I am excited for this new journey.

I have been reading this amazing book called " Sound's From Silence" by - Graeme Clark. Thanks to Graeme Clark who invented cochlear implants. He seriouslly has changed so many lives and soon hes about to change my life and I cannot thank him enough. You have given me a great gift.. You have to pick up this book.

I also wanted to thank my new friends on Cochlear Community. You all are amazing and thank you so much for answering my questions when I was confused and for supporting me and always checking in. You all are fantastic! I cannot wait to share my hearing journey with you.

Have a wonderful Night!!!

I will be back the night before Surgery...



Elizabeth said...

Graeme Clark's autobiography is one of my favorite books. His determination is so inspiring. Your blog is great, and I hope you'll consider submitting it to the aggregator at Best wishes for a successful surgery, easy recovery, and quick activation! --Elizabeth Boschini, Deaf Village Co-Founder and Moderator

Danielle said...

Elizabeth Thanks for reading my blog glad you like it. Thanks for the wishes! I will definitely check out DeafVillage and add it to my blog. I just submitted my blog on deaf village.