Monday, July 11, 2011

Walt Disney World Experience 2011

Thanks to my parents about 9 of us including my niece went to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida! I haven't been there since I was one years old and dont remember anything. It was so amazing to be able to hear almost everything. It was nerve racking the first day. The sounds the music it was overwhelming. I was able to go on 2 rides with my cochlear implant without it falling off. It was the best experience ever. I have so many pictures and I finally met my favorite GOOFY!!!!! Growing up I called him " GOOPY" I couldn't hear the "F" sound. We were there for one week. It was so hot and did lots of walking thankfully my mom rented a electronic wheelchair which helped when my legs hurt. I had trouble outside in the park when music was playing while we were eating didnt realize I was yelling because I couldn't hear myself talk. Then I realized when someone said to me " YOUR TALKING TO LOUD." I was wondering why they were yelling back LOL. I didnt change any programs even the noise program because I didnt think I was on the go all day long. I'm wondering if that would have made a difference. The last two days was pouring rain like crazy. First it drizzled for a little it was nice not having to worry about my processor getting wet. At first I was panicking but it didnt really get wet at all because I had my hand over my implant. Finally after ten different stores I found this WATERPROOF money holder. This came in handy I put my implant right in there and it was fine. Hearing most of the disney music was awesome hearing almost every word. My favorite part was the BEAUTIFUL CASTLE and the PARADE. Being able to hear on this trip was even better.

Playing in the pool with my niece was awesome. Being able to hear her playing in the water and babbling away. I told her that she cant splash her aunt. I wore my implant for about 5 minutes. I wanted to experience what the sound in the water is like then I took it off. I was standing up I wasn't in the pool only my feet were because I was nervous.

School starts in September I cant wait to go back and finish my degree. It has been 5 years. I am very excited to go back... this is going to be another experience being able to hear well in a classroom setting. Something new! I will still have CART and and interpreter.

Next month I go back for my second 3 month CI EVALUATION. I cant believe its 5 months since ACTIVATION. It's amazing. Im going to find out if I am a candidate for my Left ear.

Until then I hope you all are having a wonderful summer! Enjoy it and stay cool. It's very hot here in NY.



paperdaisy said...

That is wonderful. I've been following your story for a while. My 2 year old daughter has bilateral sensorinaural hearing loss. We are holding steady at a moderate/severe loss so far. We are learning ASL. We also went to Disney World in February. The music bothered her soo much while her aids were in. We ended up taking them out often. She enjoyed a show in front of the castle and an interpreter signed the whole show, we sat directly in front of her. She enjoyed watching the interpreter more than the show. Her favorite was Minnie Mouse who she calls "nouse". So glad you are adjusting so well with your CI. All the best with your studies. -- Ada's Mom

Danielle said...

PaperDaisy thank you so much for following my blog. I am doing so well I couldnt believe i didnt have to take my implant out at all. I was so happy at night to take it out.

Thank you so much for the comments and I hope she is doing well!

Danielle said...

also if you have any questions email me anytime would love to help.