Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weird Sounds coming from my Implant

Three days ago while I was out I kept hearing weird sounds with my implant. Every time I talked it was "echoing and sounded like a robot it was bazaar. Its not the noise I heard a few months ago. So the first thing I did was change the batteries. NO LUCK. Then I changed them again NO LUCK. I started panicking. I also used my dry and store every night so I knew it wasn't the heat. Its definitely random.

Yesterday I went to the doctors it was fine until I arrived at the office and all sudden I heard the robot sound AGAIN. I started to panic because I was alone at the office and I knew this would be a problem if I couldn't hear what the Dr was telling me. I switched the batteries. AGAIN NO LUCK. Then I called cochlear as I'm waiting in the doctors office waiting for my name to be called. I told the secretary I was deaf she asked me " what does that mean" I said that means I CANT HEAR YOU! and how I wont be able to hear my name called and if she can please come and get me.

Finally cochlear picks up I explain the situation and the implant goes back to NORMAL. She said not to worry and that she will get a coil send out to me right away.So I was supposed to get the coil today waiting and waiting because she said she will overnight it. It turns out they messed up on the shipping its 3 days shipping so I will get it Friday. SIGH.

So back to the Dr's My name was called even though I specifically said I WAS DEAF. No one listens to me. No one came and got me. The nurse she said was calling my name for a few minutes. I told her sorry I explained the the secretary that I WAS DEAF and of course the secretary NEVER TOLD THE NURSE. Finally I saw the Dr. 40 minutes later.

Last night, As Im walking out the door to go to the movies that sound came back again! I didn't have my remote with me so I couldn't troubleshoot it. Then it stopped as I sat in the car. Then as the movie started it started up again and lasted for the entire movie even all the way home! So I ran to my room got out my remote and the remote claims there is no problem.

Tonight I changed coils from my backup and the problem still occurs.

August 24th I have my 2nd (Every 3 month Mapping appointment).

To be Continued...

Hope you are all having a great summer. It is so hot here in NY although the past day its been cooler.



Anonymous said...

It could be conditioning (i think thats the term). Its worst if you havent wore your ci for awhile. Or just noticing a new sound. It will probably fade away as time goes by, it does with me.

Of course, check your filter or put your ci in dry aid while you are at it, there might be moisture.

Anonymous said...

Btw, doctor offices are the worst offender as far as treatment of people who can't hear or even speak

Danielle said...

Thanks Anonymous.

I do use my dry and store everyday so that is why i didn't think of the heat.Also my filter is good i change them last month.