Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Meeting with Cochlear

This morning I met with cochlear because I been having problems with my implant. They did an Integrity test on me to test to see if the implant is working. This test is NOT DONE by your audiologist it is done by the company because audiologist cant do this. I had hold some metal piece in my left hand and the wires in the other hand. Then she put electrodes that look exactly what you use when you have an eeg done onto my ears after she wiped my ears. Then a plastic implant which was the coil was placed onto my head. I heard a series of sounds (basically for testing). Everything looked good. She cannot detect what I am hearing and how I am hearing. During the test I had to let her know what I was hearing if it was to loud or soft and it was frequent etc.  Finally the test was over and she will be giving the Cochlear engineers the result this week. The woman also came up with some ideas. The first thing is my mapping was way too low, that is why my  rechargeable batteries have been lasting me two weeks( which is a great thing) but not good. She believes it was too low, but could be wrong. Then the audiologist had to mapp my implant. The woman said to make it louder and adjust a few settings. So that is what they did. I now have the option to use the sensitivity button but she did warn me not to use it that much since we have to try and figure out the problem still. The CH CH CH CH noise hasn't happened and it hasn't shut off.  I have to write a log for the week and get back to them next week to see how i am doing if there are any changes, worst or better. If it gets worst or there is a change I will go back to the clinic for the second option.  The woman from Cochlear who did the testing saw a big gap with my rechargeable battery. It felt tight but for some reason the rechargeable battery pack was not on the way it was suppose to be and I didn't know this. I thought it was normal so she ordered me a replacement. She said it could be the problem but we aren't sure yet.

Everything else is okay. I am hearing great I have sound all the time it just there are days that I get that weird sound and the random SILENCE when its on. Today I realized in the car coming home that I can understand everything on the radio. The news and weather was on. I was also talking to the driver and I was sitting behind him. It's amazing to be able to communicate with ease. Yeah there have been ups and downs I get it ITS LIFE. Unfortunately nothing is perfect and I seriously cannot imagine my life with my implant. I cannot believe its already 7 months since activation. 

My niece is 2 years old. I cant believe it time flies. Hearing  ALMOST everything she saids is PRICELESS especially " I LOVEEEEEEE YOUUUUUU D" That is exactly how she saids it. She is in day care two times a week and notice she is growing up way to fast and is too smart for her age. The other day she ask me " you ok D" I love it she is amazing! 

I will be back later I just wanted to give a quick update. I have so much more to share.


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Debbie Nicosia said...

So proud of you Dani and your accomplishments and knowledge of the cochlear implant but more elated to know that the device is working and you can hear...it makes my heart sing... We love you.
Love Mom and Dad