Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Sounds during Christmas

This was my first Christmas with my Cochlear Implant. What an amazing Experience! Christmas Eve there was about forty people here. Lots of kids screaming and opening up gifts, Christmas music, family members having conversations. It was LOUD! I had to come up stairs to my room to change my battery at one point and stil heard all the noise from downstairs the first level. Hearing my niece rip open many of her gifts on Christmas day was amazing. Ripping Christmas paper is very noisy! I was able to have a few conversations with ease and not being able to rely on lip reading. I was able to hold a conversation even with so much noise in the background. My Implant did shut off during the day while I was cleaning getting ready on Christmas Eve. Then the implant just made the sounds that I was used to so I just ignore it. Christmas Day my implant was okay until I took it off for a break for about twenty minutes. I turned it back on then I just took it off because I knew it wasn't going to work for the rest of the night.  Having the implant has been a great experience. My cousin started to talk to me and said's " You dont even have to look at me anymore." I guess I got into the habit of not looking at people when talking to them. She asked if I shower and go to sleep with the implant and I told her no. This was the first time some of the family members seen my implant.

I am nervous for Jan 3rd to see my surgeon to setup a surgery date for re implantation! I lucked out on Christmas this year, honestly I didn't think I was going to be able to hear because of the situation.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!!!

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Danielle said...

Thanks Sarah!!!! have a great one.