Saturday, December 10, 2011

This Holiday Season

For those of you with hearing loss you all know how hard it is to communicate with family and friends during the holiday season. My entire life it has been difficult for me. I have always dreaded this because I just could never understand what was being said. During the Holidays there is so much music and noise going on. Here at my house we celebrate Christmas Eve around 50 people come to my house which is mostly family. Christmas is my favorite time of the year however this will be my first Christmas with my Cochlear Implant. Having my cochlear implant changed my life. I rely so much on my cochlear implant the moment I wake up and go to sleep. I wonder what this Christmas is going to be like. I heard a few new christmas songs I wasn't able to pick up on when I used my hearing aids. I am excited for Christmas this year! I cant wait to share all the new sounds with you all.

Yesterday, I found out something new about myself that with my cochlear Implant I rely more on my hearing more then visual cues. I did very well on this hearing part instead of the visual game. I was surprised but I didn't realize how much I am really hearing with my CI. This was interesting because I was always a visual learner because I couldn't HEAR well enough.

Here are Tips to help you Communicate better during this Holiday Season!

CI Update: So much has been happening with it. I am keeping a log. I go back into NYC thursday Dec 15th to meet once again with a cochlear rep. Hoping they can fix this problem. Same problem everyday " ch ch ch" shuts on and off some days I wont even have sound. I have to deal with it for now because I have to much going on with college and I cant get there sooner. I am hanging in there for now. There are days its very frustrating and overwhelming and I know Cochlear and my Audiologist are trying hard to fix it. Now that we know the freedom does the same thing my N5 does I have to do more testing on Thursday. To be continued...

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