Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm Back

I havent been on here for a while now. I been so busy with my illness and going to never ending Dr' appointments. I had to cancel my mapping this month because I havent been able to walk for 1 month.  Ending up getting a wheelchair etc.

Anyways thats whats been going on. I am hearing great one good thing that is happening. I am still on my current program. A week ago I went with my best friend to the movies and I heard almost everything during the movie. SO COOL! I noticed the theater was so LOUD. I had to lower my volume. Having a CI has changed my life. Seriously the best thing that I ever did because being able to " HEAR" takes a load off my illness. You have no idea. My hearing loss affected my life everyday. Just remember when the Implant is off I cant hear.  I cannot hear 100% and  miss things here and there but not always. Day by Day I am improving... I JUST LOVE IT.

Summer is soon and the one thing I am definitely doing is going to the beach to listen to the ocean for the first time. I never went with my first processor.

I have noticed that I am changing the disposables every few days instead of every 2 weeks. Big difference. just realized I only have one box of batteries left. Maybe because I was re implanted and because its a different implant (Freedom), and program. But, I am still using my N5 processor.

I hope everyone is doing good.

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Annie said...

So glad to read that you are doing well with your implant. I've missed you.
Sorry that your illness has you in a wheel chair. Is it possible that you'll be able to walk sometime in the future? Wishing you the best!

: )