Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Minor leaguer hears with Cochlear Implants

Jalen Harris was born Deaf. He now plays for the Brewers minor league team wearing his cochlear implants. What an inspiring story.

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Next weeks mapping is all set. I will be picked up so I dont have to take the train. So much easier for me.

Today I heard Birds chirping away like crazy while my niece and I were outside taking a nice walk. Then an airplane ( they are really loud) and trucks and cars going by all at once. So amazing to be able to hear so many sounds at once. My niece is learning that I wear a " boo boo" on my ear in order to HEAR her. Today for the first time she said " Aunt D do you hear the birds."

My windows have been shut for the last few days because it is so chilly out there. I heard a car outside, and the BIRDS chirping and of course my niece favorite the Ice Cream man. All with the windows shut. So amazing.

It would be nice if the Sound & Way beyond cd rom was mac compatible so I can practice. I hope in the future it will be because there are way to many people with Macs who are missing out on this opportunity.

Have a good night.

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