Wednesday, November 5, 2008

3 year old boy in LA had his CI Stolen.

As I'm sitting here just googling glancing around about CI'S (Cochlear Implant's). I came across a link about a boy who got his CI stolen from someone. I found out in LA ,a three year old boy who is deaf was at mcdonald's with his mother ,when a teenager stole the 3 yr old's cochlear implant right OFF HIS EAR thinking it was a Bluetooth. What amazes me is that they thought a 3 year old would be wearing a blue tooth headset.What would a 3 year old be doing with a BLUETOOTH? Exactly, I highly doubt that one. Since his CI was stolen he cannot HEAR anything without this device. Not only can he not hear the Cochlear Implants cost over $700,000 or more depending on which one you get. This happened to the child 2x. You would of thought after the first time is enough but I guess not. I think I'ts his mother fault for not watching him carefully. I hope this boy gets another one because he cannot hear without this device. If I was a parent of a 3 yr old and my child had a CI I wouldnt leave my child unattended. Here is the link to read the full story.

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