Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Closed Captioning Consumer Facts

Yesterday I finally got an email back from FCC ( Federal Communications Commission), regarding about my Closed Caption complaint because a few weeks ago I put on Channel 11 to watch the news and it had " NO CAPTIONS". The show was from 10pm-11pm. Then I waited for " two in a half men" show to come on... still no captions! I love that show & I watch it every night. I was pissed there was no CC. So then Sex in the City show comes on 1130-1200am NO CAPTIONS! I was FURIOUS!!!!!!!! I called channel 11 and they said that they " FORGOT TO PUT ON THE CAPTIONS". " I said how can you FORGET". They hung up on me and then I contacted FCC.. and here is what they have to say!

You are receiving this email in response to your inquiry to the FCC. For captioning probles during NON-EMERGENCY PROGRAMS, the FCC'S rules require that consumers first submit a written complaint to their television distributor (ex: cable or satellite or another subscription video service).

The FCC rules establish specific time limits for filing CLOSED CAPTIONING complaints. Your written complaint to the distributor should be sent before the end of the calender quarter following the calendar quarter when the problem happened.

Your written complained addressed to the video programming distributor must provide specific information about the Closed Captioning problem and should include:
- the tv channel number & call sign or name
- the date and time when you experienced the captioning problem;
-a detailed description of the captioning problem;
-a specific reference to the FCC's closed captioning rules ( "47 CFR Part 79.1);
-your name & address including zip code, and other contact information such as a phone number or a ttyl number or email address.

If the Video programming distributor fails to respond to your written complaint or a dispute remains after the time allowed for the distrubutor to respond, you can file your complaing using the FCC Form 2000C by any reasonable means, including electronically on the Internet at


or by sending us an email to fccinfo@fcc.gov; by calling Voice-1-888-225-5322 or 1-888-835-5322. TTY-1-866-418-0232 or by postal mail at:

Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street, SW
Washington DC, 20554

Your complaint should including the following:
- your name, address & any additional contact info ( including preferred method of respond to the complaint);
-the type of complaint
- the name, address and telephone number ( if known) of the company involved in your complaint;
-the tv station call sign, station channel, the city and stte of the station's location and the name of the programs involved;
- a description of your complaint and the resolution you are seeking. If applicable, you should provide a full description of the telecommunications equipment or customer premises equipment ( CPE) and/or the telecommunications service about which the complaint is made, and the date(s) on which the complainant either pruchased, acquired or used, or attempted to purcahase, acquire or use the telecommunications equipment, CPE or telecommunications service about which the complaint is being made.

When forwarding your complaint to the FCC, you must send an ORGINAL and two copies within 30 days of the deadline for the TV distributor to respond-- that is, within 30 days after the 45 day period in which the tv distributor should reply to your written complaint.

Your complaint to the FCC must include a signed letter from you showing that you first sent a written complaint and supporting facts or evidence to the video programming distributor. Also, you must MAIL a copy of the complaint and supporting evidence that you send to the FCC to the video programming distributor ( to let the distributor know you have now complained to the FCC). Supporting evidence may include videotapes, copes of schedules showing the CC logo for programming that was shown without closed captioning, or other material.

So NOW that I KNOW WHAT TO DO... I am writing a letter to VERIZON ( MY CABLE COMPANY).I called them and they said " THERES NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT". So im writing a letter.. and we will see from there.

I took the time to type this out because I printed it out for my records and I deleted the message in my inbox. I want you ALL to be aware on what to do and how to FILE A CLOSED CAPTIONING COMPLAINT!!!

And last but not least here is the direct website for



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This is David, I am writing this blog from the CSD-DTV Help Center. The URL posted http://dtv.c-s-d.org, is a website any one can visit if they are having problems with the digital transition. We are able to assist with filing complaints, about closed captioning issues, to the FCC. All of the DTV Help Center contact information, including VP, tty, and telephone numbers. Any person can contact us via email at dtvhelpcenter1@gmail.com. Thank you!

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