Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Friday night thanks to my Dad got me 2 tickets to see my favorite band. We arrived early and we ended up being really closed. I couldnt get the floor because it was standing room only and I cant stand because of my legs. So believe it or not my ears were fine for the entire night. For some reason though I was having trouble with the words.. I felt the beat of course but I was catching all the words. So I started panicing. I think it was the way the colliseum was setup. It was setup differently this time. Jason the lead singer decided to go into the audience for the 1st time.. I almost died, So I ran down like a lunatic to where the stage was because he has to come back that way in order to get back on stage and I put my hand out and he shook it. I WAS SO HAPPY I almost cried!! I was shaking for about an hour thinking how I would never wash my Right hand again haha! That just made my night! Then he sang my favorite song and apparently Im the only one that knew the new song. I screamed and you heard I EVEN HEARD MY OWN SCREAM* it echoed through the entire colliseum! So funny haha! When my sister and I decided to leave I had a weird feeling all the sudden my sisters talking to me on the way to the car. I saw BRYCE he had his hoodie on because he didnt want to be noticed and he was on the phone so I completely left my sister booked it to the left because we were on the Right side leaving and I was behind bryce. He was on the phone he held the door for me and I go BRYCE? and I wave! I wanted to go up to the guy but I didnt wanna make a big scence because all this 12 year olds would of probably had a heart attack! So I waved to him instead. That also made my night. Believe it or not I got home and my battery was still fine. I was surprised! This is the first time my battery didnt die on me wohoo! Speaking about the batteries... I guess it normal for batteries to last maybe 4 days I mean I wear my aids the MOMENT I WAKE UP and till the moment i go to sleep at night. I never really wore aids this often in my lifetime but now that I RELY on them and I cant LIVE WITHOUT THEM I have no choice. The batteries last me a good 4 days. It gets to be annoying though changing them! Like for instance, I went out with my girlfriend the other day for lunch the battery died. I thought I was going to die and I didnt have any batteries on me that day. I was in silence and I felt weird and nervous for the first time. It was a very awkward moment for me! So now I got batteries attached to my HIP!

Goodnight All Have A Great Week!

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Frieda said...

I'm glad you had such a good time! Yep, I carry batteries around with me everywhere...in the car, in my purse, etc. Can't leave home without 'em!