Saturday, March 6, 2010


I havent been blogging much because I have been so busy being the new newsletter editor for my HLAA chapter. Its sure is hard work but I enjoy every minute of it and I am glad I have the opportunity to do something like this. Another reason is beautiful I spend each day with my precious niece. She is getting so big!!! Time sure does fly. I have been teaching her to sign MILK for a few weeks now and I love when she watches me while Im doing it. I also sign & sing TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR and she just giggles!

Lately- the sounds are starting to get to much for my ears. I get alot of headaches. I know Im not used to all this noise, but at times I really cant wear my aids. The sound gets to be too much that I rather be signing and NOT TALKING. This past week as well I havent been talking much because the sounds the banging or pans or someone talking and I just I dont know why I cannot handle the noise. I am waiting for my insurance to pick up again because they messed up on something once that is taken care of I am going for speech therapy 2x a week my audiologist recommended because I am having a problem of " TALKING TOO LOUD". Even a very good friend of mine who is deaf ( wears bilateral Cochlear Implants) say can you talk a little quieter. She deafinitely understands I CANNOT HEAR MY OWN VOICE*. ALOT of people dont understand ( especially hearing people) that I CANNOT HEAR MY OWN VOICE & to sit and explain why I cannot hear my own voice (which i have no idea why i cant w/ the aids on) its just pointless because they always say " SHHH YOUR TALKING TO LOUD". So I will be learning how to monitor my voice. I havent been in speech therapy since I graduated High School that was 6 years ago. It's time to start again I think I lost most of my skills. Its hard not being able to communicate. I'm also having trouble on the cell phone as well and conversations. Gotta figure out whats going on.

I went for my new AVG test last month and I DONT have MENIERE'S but I have really bad recrutment and vertigo! So thats another thing I have to get going on.

Do you talk LOUD?? If so what do you do to help monitor it? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great day!


Frieda said...

I believe the volume that you speak may be related to how severe your hearing loss is. I have been told I speak too softly and had to learn to 'project' my voice across a classroom when I was teaching. My youngest son speaks pretty loudly, especially when he is excited and I have to remind him with a hand sign to speak more softly. I'm sure you will be successful with the speech therapy~

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Danielle,
Sorry to hear you've been struggling with noise. Is it due to your recruitment? I personally have struggled with fan noises. I think this is because they are just on the edge of where my hearing drops off and my hearing aids amplify the most. Over time (a few years)I have gotten better at coping with these sounds. I have a program on my hearing aids that lets me filter out background noise and I end up using this program a lot even though I don't hear as well with it. Comfort is an important issue with hearing aids!
I don't know if I talk too loud. I wonder about this because I just assume that no one can overhear me (like when I'm on the phone at work, for example) and I don't know if that's true. I think I speak a little louder unconsciously hoping that the person I'm talking to will do the same for me.
Good luck with the speech therapy.
All the best,

Anonymous said...

I don't tfalk loud with my hearing aids in, except for when I get excited. Which everybody does that anyway, hearing or not. But I do talk louder when my hearing aids are out. I used to have a knack when I was aware of this. But that's failed now.