Saturday, May 8, 2010

Audiologist Visit

Yesterday Friday May 7th, I went to my audiologist office because for the past 2 months I cant hear out of my R ear with my hearing aid on. Its basically because of everything that im going through with my health as well as the severe vertigo. I just have to wait it out.... sigh. My R ear was always the worst ear I realized this a few weeks ago after glancing through all of my records since I was a baby. Its been a long rough 3 years for me. Im trying to get better. On the other hand my Left ear is eh okay. Im hearing many new sounds. Many times Im still having trouble with one-one conversations. It wont ever be 100% and I totally understand that but If I CAN master the lip reading skills and speech skills again I think would help. My audiologist tuned up my Left aid. I explained to her that sometimes when I lower it just once Its a strain for me to hear what someone is saying. So she reset the aid and now I can put the aid higher if I need to. She also reset the VOWELS on my hearing aids because I was having trouble with hearing vowel sounds. My audiologist is amazing she is so very helpful and what I love most about her is she takes the time with me. All questions I have are always answered. Its great to have this support. It took 6 Audiologist though but in the end its " BETTER LATE THAN NEVER" right?
I explained my situation about the hearing and speech center not calling me back after the 4th time and its frustrating because I had a perscription stating I needed speech therapy 2 x a week! Nothing happens. I gave up. My Audiologist gave me a wonderful*** CD ROM she has never used before... its for lessons for lipreading and listening. ITS AMAZING. I just got it yesterday I practice today. It started off easy with VOWELS. This is what you do:
1: YOU install the program onto computer with the cd rom
2: then you go to the program and type your name in
3: It will give you a list of all the LESSONS on this CD
4: The 1st lesson was VOWELS.
5:I clicked on VOWELS VOL 1.
A person on the ride hand side comes on NOT LIVE its a video basically.
Then on the left side you have 6 words for ex: CAT MAT BAT RAT PAT AND you read the person lips and watch as she moves her mouth to guess the words...

ITS AMAZING** Its the greatest thing ever! What I love most about this program is that I can repeat as many times as I WANT. I love it gives you a score sheet of everything you completed what you got wrong and correct. Also if you get something wrong it will repeat that same word until you get it right.

I am printing out my daily progress and later on today I will let you all know my score.

Practice Practice Practice!!! I havent had speech/hearing therapy since 8 years. Its been quite awhile but this program works and its worth $80.00. Unforuntality its $80.00 Thankfully my Audiologist let me borrow this!!!

Have a wonderful day and I will be later with details.

Enjoy the beautiful weather.


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Frieda said...

It's good to see you posting again! What a great audiologist you have and what a great program. Isn't technology great?