Friday, May 28, 2010


A few weeks ago I found out that most of the VIDEOS on YOUTUBE now have captioning. Sounded wonderful because I CANNOT live without captions. I gave it shot and most of the words were incorrect and jumbled just like the TV captioning. I was dissapointed. I tested out a music video that had the lyrics, either in the song or on the side of the page. It wasn't accurate at all. It was frustrating and confusing. I tried about 10 different type of videos. I hope they fix it. I heard many people arent happy with the captioning on youtube. I heard it's an Automatic Transcription.Another words whatever it hears it will type. Its been out I think for a few weeks.

Have you tried it yet? What do you think about the captioning?
Try it out if you havent done so. let me know what you think.



Frieda said...

I saw this video ( and it was not captioned. I watched it with the automatic transcription, and it was horrible. I tried turning up the volume, but still did not get all of it. I left a comment, asking it to be captioned. They replied the next day, saying it would be captioned the following week!

There are too many words that sound the same and some words that are indecipherable to allow automatic transcriptioning to work by itself. Like medical transcriptioning, a LIVE person is needed to edit and make the script accurate.

Danielle said...

Hey. I totally understand how frustrating it is... I just watched it because I complained about it yesterday and It works good... I think. Check it out you have better hearing then me but it makes sense so. This video made me cry omg!!! phew

Jennifer B. said...

Hi. I am a steno-captioner. I provide captioning via stenography machine. The captioning you are referring to is speech-recognition software.

There is no reason you should not have access to ACCURATE captioning. Steno-captioners have the skill to caption anything, including YouTube videos, in realtime with over 98% accuracy.

Keep complaining to Google and YouTube. Speech-recognition software is an inferior product to steno-captioning!

Jennifer M. Bonfilio, RMR-CBC-CCP
Coast 2 Coast Captioning