Thursday, August 5, 2010


Yesterday I went to the Dr's. Its a new Dr. This was only my 2nd week. So anyway he has an accent and is very hard to understand even with my one aid in. So as he was putting the needles in for the acupuncture, I thought he said " Do you want water?" turns out he saids " Do you want more." I become very frustrated lately when I misunderstand noone know this though. So then finally I asked my mom to get me water meanwhile I didnt want more needles in my leg because I was just trying it out. I ended up saying "yes". Then another new dr who happens to be spanish was there she was TALKING to me from behind me and I had no IDEA. That the chryopractor was like Danielle the dr is asking you questions and I said " WHAT DR." He was so nice enough to repeat what she was saying because I didnt even know she was talking or what she was saying. I had no idea. Finally the last question she comes to me and I explained I am deaf. She smiles walks away and still is talking to me the chyropractor finally explained that on the front PAGE it saids A sticker that I put on myself states: PATIENT IS DEAF and I explained that I read Lips! I wanted to share this with you because I know IM NOT THE ONLY PERSON that deals with this.


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Liz said...

It's bound to make you feel frustrated. It would me. And it has happened to me, at work.