Monday, August 9, 2010

Silence is Golden

Today I went to the Dr.'s and I explained to her I am deaf and wears a hearing aid but sometimes I don't catch everything you are saying. So she said "I love sign language" I took ASL up in high school years ago. I was signing as I was talking which is a bad habit of mine. I was thrilled she knew how to sign a little. At one point I took off my hearing aid so she can massage my neck so I said " I wont hear you at all because you will be behind me and I wont be able to lip read what your saying". After the massage was done I put my hearing aid back in and she goes " It must be nice to be in silence you can always turn off when you want to". The massage lady made me realize that is the reason why I like being deaf sometimes. This is just my opinion. I told her it is nice to just have quietness. The world out there is so NOISY and I never really realized that until a few months ago. For me sometimes when I need just to relax I have to take out my aid because I cant function with a lot of sounds its a lot for my ear( Recruitment. I like the fact that I can just switch off whenever I want to.

Do you find yourself just taking off your hearing aids for some quietness???




melissa said...

Before 10 years old, when I wore hearing aids all the time, I did not have any quiet time apart from shower/bed. But after I got implanted quiet time is a must for me.

Annie said...

One can always find the bright side to any bad situation, can't we? Yes, it's wonderful to be able to take my aids out and have complete silence on occasion. Actually, I feel bad for people who aren't able to do that!

: )

Liz said...

Hi Danielle. Sorry its been a while since I last came to your blog.

I just noticed this post so had to comment, as I have talked about the same thing too. But mine is just a short one.

Great post. And if you like to check out mine on this subject, which I called Silence, its here at

Anonymous said...

I have this notion too. I'm half-deaf, half-blind, and I use a set of glasses with a hearing aid built in. When the world gets to be too confusing, I just take my glasses off. Quiet/silence is a part of us, so recognizing it as a sanctuary is important, I think.

Danielle said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. I think quiet time for us is important because If i dont have quiet time I get overwhelmed.

Liz- That is so funny we wrote a similar post! I am going to add you to my blogroll and ill have to check out your blog.

Anonymous- Thanks for reading my blog. I agree silence is part of us.