Friday, April 15, 2011

Just a little Update...

I am doing really well. I started using program 2 a few days ago. It is louder and I feel comfortable being on this program. On Wednesday I heard the birds outside chirping what I heard what ch ch ch ch or tweet tweet and an airplane. Then at night I was walking down the block to put mail in the mailbox and all sudden I heard BEEP BEEP BEEP in my implant. SILENCE it just shut off. So I realized the battery went dead of course. It doesn't give me a chance so It felt awkward being in Silence because I was just hearing noises around me. Today I heard the wash machine, the tea pot on the stove boiling water was so cool took me awhile to figure out where the noise was coming from but I heard it.I also heard music coming from my den which isn't to far from my kitchen but I was glad I heard almost all the words! Today I used to phone again and I did very well. I cant believe how well I'm doing and Im calmer because its so frustrating not be able to hear around people you love or being isolated most of my life because of my hearing impairment. Now I'm around everyone more because I can hear. I cant hear yet with a kitchen table full of people unless im starting right at you but I'm getting there. One of the things I don't like hearing is the VACUUM ITS SO LOUD and annoying. Something I have to get used to LOL. I didn't hear that noise with my hearing aid. Now I realized how much i have been missing out on all these years. I seriously wouldn't change this for the world my implant is becoming part of who i am now. I cant believe it more than a month with my implant. Time flies. I'm very happy with my progress. I love my audiologist office in the city they are awesome there.

I love the sounds outside its so noisy and I also heard the cars passing by (shhh) noise that what it sounded like. Once again I never heard that with my hearing aid. I love listening to my pond outside so I sat outside for a little today just listening to that sound was nice and the wind chimes on the porch.

Truthfully, So much is happening here so I haven't had a moment to use the Sound & Way beyond program I love. Im going to try and fit that in tomorrow.

On Saturday I'm going to the movies WITHOUT CAPTIONS.It will be my first time with my implant, I'm excited. I know it will be weird without captioning on the screen but I want to try it being that I'm doing pretty well. Why not give it a shot it cant hurt right?

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