Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mapping #3 April 7, 2011

On April 7th I had my 3rd mapping. I am doing really really well with my implant. So thankfully I am one of the lucky ones. First my scar is perfectly fine my hair grew back so fast you cant even see it. Im happy about that. So I met with my audi she saids im doing very well. I showed her my results from the SOUND & WAY BEYOND cd rom that came with my kit that is amazing. I practice almost everyday. My audiologist saids that she hasnt seen such amazing results in awhile. I did tell her when I got 80% I was a little upset because I wanted a 100% you know but she did remind me that is amazing how much im hearing and it has only been 1 month! It feels longer no? I am on a new program. She has blocked the sensitivity. I finally understand what the sensitivity level means. I couldn't figure it out it means that when I raise the sensitivity level up the further I will hear. Thats so cool. I did hear someone talking the other day with the doors shut in the other room. She blocked it because I have to focus on the programs. So this new program im comfortable with much louder I can hear myself BETTER and people around me. I am still having a little trouble with conversations. Im getting 98% of what people are saying but if for instance someone is talking the background it just cuts me off guard and i have trouble. My implant is AMAZING and I would never go back to wearing an aid in my Left ear. I cant get over how much noise there is and sounds and I heard the letter " s" for shhhh or " f" Ffffff for fish. Those are the two letters I never was able to hear with my hearing aids. I am on program 1 for 1 week then i have to switch to program 2 if im comfortable I leave it alone. So we are still working on finding out what program is best for me. I love my remote control with my NUC 5.

Yesterday around 9pm all sudden I HEARD " BOOM" my heart was racing turns out it was FIREWORK. That was LOUD! I have heard fireworks before when I had my mod-severe loss but this was LOUD! Pretty neat. I also heard my dog drinking water from her bowl. I couldnt figure it out but now I know and that so cool!

Im hearing new things everyday and I love it. I have amazing support and All my CI buddies you are all amazing. I am doing well the cell phone although I dont really use my Cell that much I prefer text but I heard most of the sounds on the phone.

I go back for my 4th mapping in about 4 weeks. I am comfortable with my Audi. I like her alot shes very educated and she answers all my questions and I dont feel rushed either. So I am glad I'm comfortable with working with her.

Next week should be in the mid 70's so I plan on going to the beach to walk on the broad walk and LISTEN TO THE OCEAN for the first time so I will be back because I heard its amazing and that is ONE of the MANY sounds I never heard before. Im looking forward to this.

Have a good week!! :)

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