Saturday, August 6, 2011

Processor problems

Two weeks ago cochlear sent me a new COIL and MAGNET for my N5 processor because of the sounds I was experiencing. The sounds still do occur when I go out to a bar (which its so loud.) and also when I'm dancing or sweating. Every night I put my processor in the dry in store. I cant figure out the problem. Today the warble sound came back again and I took my implant off and I saw the magnet a little wet ( probably from sweat or my gel.) So I cleaned it off still the same. Then all night out to dinner is was fine. Very weird. A few people keep saying maybe you need a map. I'm probably due for a mapping and will be going soon August 24th. Hope this fixes the problem.
Other than that I am so happy to be hearing so many new things. Able to talk on the phone without using the wire. My implant still falls off so Im probably going to have to get an ear mold because It falls off way to much. Hoping even though I'm allergic to the ear molds the hypoallergenic will work. It hasn't in the past.

I start school September 7th and I cannot wait to go back and finish my degree. Its been 4 years out of college. Time flies and I hope I can do this since I am not feeling well with fibromyalgia.

I have been watching this new series called " Switched at birth" which is on ABC family in US only. Happens to be a deaf girl on the show its a pretty good show and I am so surprised many of the cast members are doing so well using ASL. This show is mostly for teens but I wanted to check it out since this is the first show with a deaf teen on TV. Monday is the season finale already of season 1 but I found out that this show has high ratings and it will continue. Season 2 will have 22 episodes.

Hope all of you are having a wonderful summer!


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