Friday, September 30, 2011

All I needed was a mapping...:)

The past three months has been a roller coaster. The simple problem was " I JUST NEEDED A MAPPING." What a big relief. Now I know. My audiologist said instead of 6 months to come in every 3 months. This was happening in the beginning but because she said I was doing well she didn't think I would need a mapping. So I now know when I need a mapping. This program seems to be better. Im confortable with it. I can turn down the volume if I need to. Sorry for rambling on last night I was just panicking.  My audiologist checked my implant with a series of beeps. Everything was fine. The echo came back on when she changed the mapping. She kept adjusting it and then finally the echo went away. 

I get it sometimes with technology things dont work or it just needs to be replaced. So now I know I have to go every 3 months. I havent had a mapping since June. 

Thanks for thinking of me! :)

Hope all is well


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