Friday, February 24, 2012

Post Activation.... 11 days

It has been 11 days since Activation.  This week has been a stressful one because my uncle has passed. Finally Today I started to practice my hearing. My friends are telling me I talk " too low" and I am "mumbling." I cant hear myself talk so that is probably why. The mapp is definitely way to low for me. This process is different this time around... It is not the same. I have to learn how to hear all over again. The last few days I have been frustrated because I am not grasping what is being said. I hear better with my good ear the unaided left ear and that is messing everything up for me.

Yesterday I went for a walk because it was 60 degrees. I listened to music by using the audio cable. The audio cable goes directly into my processor and the other end goes into my ipod. I was able to understand Adele's song but I wasn't able to understand The Fray or Staind which are songs I have heard before. Adele's song is fairly new on my ipod. So I am a bit confused why I couldn't understand their songs. The sound was mumbly.  I feel like I am missing out a lot. I have only been activated for 11 days. I know I have to be patience and have a long way to go.

I want to use the Sound & Way beyond to practice but I cant because its not MAC compatible.  :( So I printed out phonetic words to practice.  Someone in the house will repeat the words back to me.

On Tuesday Feb 28th I am going back into the city for a mapping.

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Rusty said...

Hi Dani, I used my 2nd one alone for a few hours a day ! I still do it when I'm in the car, at the house alone or somewhere understanding 100% isn't crucial. I am guilty of NOT training as I did with my first CI. But I'm so spoiled with the stereo ~ so happy and so much more relaxed ! it will happen ~~ hugs !!! Rusty

Danielle said...

Hey Rusty, thanks for the comment. I am hearing mickey mouse sounds. All mumble... cant make out the real words yet. Definitely different from my 1st implant. :(

GiGaByTe said...

Keep the faith Danielle, you are so very early in the process, the first month will be all about your Auditory nerve and brain adapting to the new signals, so expect to experience some dramatic changes right now. The fact that you can understand any music at all is a major accomplishment, most CI users struggle with music more than anything else. Hang in there and remember those 3 P's - Practice, Patience, & PERSISTENCE!

Oh and BTW if you have an iPad or iPhone go to the Cochlear HOPE page, there is an iPad/iPhone app that you can use that is something like Sound & Beyond, not as complex, but it is a good tool and the standard version is a free download