Monday, February 13, 2012

Re- Implantation Activation...

Today I went into the city for Activation. First I saw my surgeon, he removed a stich that was sticking out. Then I went in for Activation. I was very overwhelmed. My audiologist tested my implant before it was going to be turned on. When I was switched on It was really low. I had to raise my hand when I heard a beep. She then made it louder and I started to hear noises but this time it was different. :( I hear mickey mouse sounds. More like a puppet. This is so hard to explain because I never experienced anything like this with my first implant. I started getting nervous but I knew that this implant is totally different. My audiologist said a few words back to me and I heard most of them. I am just freaking out over the different voice. I cant really hear much. I feel like Im straining to hear.

When I got home I was exhausted that I just passed out for an hour. Then I practiced my hearing. I am having trouble understanding words and basically everything. The program is on really low. While I was practicing I used my remote to change the processor to program 2. This seemed a little louder but this still seems to low for me. I have to stay on each program for a few days each.

Here are some of the words I am having trouble with.
Cup     Run
Shoe    Van
Pea      Bail
Fill     Very
Feel    bent
Mat     Po
Bat     Bug
Rat     Ten

I can barely hear, I am stressing out. I have a lot of practicing to do. Like I said I feel like Im straining and I'm lipreading more. Yes, I know I have to be patient. This just seems so different than the first time around. It is only day one. I will not be using my hearing aid anymore in my Left ear. Now I have to learn to hear all over again with the implant. Back to the beginning.

Here is a short video. I tried to caption it the best I can...

I will be back during the week.  I have to go to bed im exhausted.

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Annie Rose said...

Don't be stressing out! This is the exact same start that I had with my beginning of the implant (I have Nucleus 5). I went through all of the same experience of the mickey mouse voice and not really being able to hear that much. They start it out quiet to help your brain adjust, the next appointment they will increase the volume range don't worry. It's not going to be like that forever, the implant process is all a work in progress and it just needs tuning over and over, just like making a car engine run better and sound better. I've had mine for over a year and half now, and it is working wonders for me now. I lipread a lot less now and I am even understanding british and numerous other accents now while I am studying abroad in England. I hope this helps relieve your stresses, feel free to contact me with any questions of what the process is like. Hope you feel better and get great at listening! =)

Stephen M. Young II said...

Hey Dani, Love that you captioned the video!!!

Give us an update as soon as you can.