Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mapping #3

Today I had another mapping done.The last few weeks have been a struggle because I havent gone for a mapping in 2 months. I realized the programs have changed. My audiologist said that the programs have changed on the computer. That is why you are suppose to go every three weeks to get programed.  I do like my new programs. There are 4 programs using the Nucleus 5.

Program 1: New program which is louder.
Program 2: Even louder if I need it.
Program 3: Zoom (which I never used before).
Program 4: Old program if I dont like the new programs.

Every mapping appointment is basically the same. Here is what happened today.

- Listening to beeps: She takes my processor and plugs it onto the computer. Then I put it back on my ear. I have to listen to series of beeps and tell her how many beeps do I hear from 1-5. This is done for about 10 minutes. I did really well. Even the lowest beeps I heard.

- Then she turned on my processor and adjusted the programs. To the level I was comfortable at.

- I was asked to repeat words such as: OOO, EEE, AHHH, MMM, SSS, SHH. I heard it all.

On June 6th, I have to go back into the city. My audiologist will put me in the booth for a hearing evaluation to see where I am at. She also told me to bring my left hearing aid for my left ear. She wants to check that ear as well. I was also told to not wear my hearing aid just yet in the left ear, because I still have to give my brain more time to listen with the processor.

Remember with my first implant the disposable batteries lasted 2-3 weeks? Well she said to me that is not NORMAL. They are suppose to last anywhere between 2-3 DAYS* tops. She showed me on the computer that with the old program I was using, the disposables last 36 hours.

I am wondering how my evaluation will go in the sound booth. I havent done that since August of last year. She did ask me questions hows the new CI? Is is better than the first implant. Without a doubt there is and I wouldn't change it for anything in this world. To communicate with ease is the greatest gift ever. I am glad I went forward with Re implantation and didn't back out.

By the Way I definitely want to try to go to Cochlear Celebration! This sounds amazing being around so many people who wear the same implant as me!!! Is anyone going??

Have a great day!

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