Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jennifer Rosner is an inspiration..

I had the pleasure meeting Jennifer Rosner when I lost all of my hearing. I didn't know much about Cochlear Implants prior to her book signing. Maybe three weeks.

This was so new to me three years ago. I decided to go to her presentation because I thought it would be helpful.  I had to think of other options. I knew "I HAD TO HEAR AGAIN".

At first I thought she was Deaf with Cochlear Implant's herself.  Then I realized she was hearing and both of her children are profoundly deaf and wears Cochlear Implant's. This day was a life changing experience for me. Something I still remember till this day. She gave me hope and she was so helpful she stayed after and answered all my questions. The sweetest person ever.

Today in the New York Times Jennifer wrote a wonderful post. I have to share this with you.
Check it out here.

If you never read her book. Click here. This is something you should definitely read. Dont forget to check out her website also.

Have a good night!

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